Are There Stingers At Airlie Beach?

For the best weather visit Airlie Beach anytime from May to November. The wet ‘green’ season last from December to April and is generally hot, wet and humid.

What time of year is stinger season?

The further north you go, the longer stinger season lasts, the marine stingers enjoy warm water and hanging out in mangroves. Exact dates vary, there is no fixed point but generally expect the season to run from November or December to March between Gladstone and Townsville, October to June in the far north.

Are there jellyfish at Airlie Beach?

It is good to know that ‘stinger season’ generally runs during the warmer months of the year, and in the Whitsundays this is from October to May during our summer season. That being said, jellyfish can be present year round. Northerlies and king tides can also bring them year round.

Is it safe to swim in Airlie Beach?

The 4,300 square metre Airlie Beach Lagoon pool is patrolled by lifeguards and crocodile-free. It is safe to swim in the lagoon – and free to enter. The Whitsunday Islands are home to some of the most marvellous beaches in Australia.

Is Port Douglas or Airlie Beach better?

Port Douglas wins this battle by a long shot. While Airlie Beach has a few nice beaches, Port Douglas is set on Four Mile Beach, which is one of the most underrated beaches in Australia. Both towns are affected by the usual north Queensland jellyfish, so swimming is only advised in the netted areas.

Where do Stingers go in winter?

Between November and May, ‘boxies’ as they’re affectionately known migrate to Australia’s shallow, murky coastal waters and estuaries. Their travelling companion is the tiny Irukandji, Carukia barnesi, which, while only about the size of a thumbnail, can land an adult in intensive care, or even result in death.

What is stinger season?

The traditional stinger season in the tropics is during the warmer months from November to May. This is when box jellyfish are at their peak, but stings have occurred as early as September. Irukandji activity varies depending on the species.

Can you swim at Magnetic Island in January?

Magnetic Island is, in fact, great for swimming all year round. … For beautiful swimming spots, check out the small and secluded cove of Rocky Bay, and for velvety golden sand head to Radical Bay, or Balding Bay. The mild and pleasant temperatures of the winter months are also when there are no stingers in the water.

Can you swim in Airlie Beach in June?

June is a warm and slightly rainy time for sunbathing in Airlie Beach. June is a good month for swimming in Airlie Beach with warm sea temperatures. Consider visiting Airlie Beach in the months of August, September, October, December, for the best beach weather. Also consider one of our other suggestions for June.

Does it get cold in Airlie Beach?

Airlie Beach enjoys a subtropical climate that provides fine, mild weather year round. … The temperature drops to about 16 degrees Celsius during this time with a maximum of 27 degrees Celsius however most days the temperature is a mild 23 degrees Celsius allowing you to enjoy pleasant weather year round.

What should I bring to Airlie Beach?

There are two on the main street of Airlie Beach, and a couple in Cannonvale, so you will have a variety if anything does come up. However, it’s a good idea to take staple items along with you including painkillers, topical cream (for rashes or irritated skin), insect repellent and sunscreen!

Can you swim in Airlie Beach in summer?

Yes, you can swim in the Whitsunday waters however we recommend wearing a full-length lycra suit during the higher risk period (October – May) which reduces the risk of stings and is great sun protection too.

Are there snakes in Airlie Beach?

Shy animals by nature, snakes, both venomous and non-venomous, are rarely seen in the Whitsundays and surrounding area. However they still maintain stable populations throughout the area, and are more often spotted during the warmer months of the year between October and March.

Can you swim in Airlie Beach in May?

May is an excellent month for swimming in Airlie Beach with very warm sea temperatures. Consider visiting Airlie Beach in the months of August, September, October, December, for the best beach weather.

Can you snorkel in stinger season?

One of the most popular times to go on a snorkel tour of the Great Barrier Reef is every year starting in mid-October and running from November through May. … However, this prime snorkelling period also falls right in Stinger Season each year.

Are there Stingers at 1770?

No crocodiles and no deadly marine stingers. Enjoy the endless golden sand beaches, the magnificent estuaries, the unspoiled coastal rainforest, National & Marine parks encircling the Town of 1770/Agnes Water, or the view atop one of the most vantage point in the area.

Are stingers and jellyfish the same?

Stingers are a sub-species of jellyfish, specifically species that can be dangerous or potentially lethal. They are generally found along the tropical coastlines of Australia and are some of the most feared marine animals down under.

What is box jellyfish season?

They tend to inhabit river mouths and shallow coastal waters and rarely inhabit the Great Barrier Reef islands such as Fitzroy Island, Green Island and Dunk Island . The jellyfish season runs from around November to May in Tropical North Queensland.

Where do jellyfish go in winter?

They continue to be active until the weather cools in May or June. It’s believed that Box jellyfish spend the winter out in deeper water, but may come in to shore any time if the conditions are right .

Are there Box jellyfish in Exmouth?

“The Australian box jellyfish is found in the tropical oceans around northern Australia. Their habitat extends as far south as Exmouth on the west coast, and Bustard Heads on the east coast (just north of Agnes Waters).

Should I go to Cairns or Airlie Beach?

Climate. Airlie Beach is 1000 kilometres south of Cairns which means it’s cooler. Generally speaking, Airlie Beach will be 5 degrees cooler than Cairns which makes a huge difference in summer. Cairns also experiences much more rain than Airlie Beach as it’s closer to the equator.

How long is boat ride from Airlie Beach to Whitehaven?

Travel time from Airlie Beach to Whitehaven via boat ranges from just over one hour for high-speed vessels to around two hours for sailboats. If you are lucky enough to travel to Whitehaven Beach on a helicopter or seaplane adventure the trip time can be as little as 15 minutes if you fly directly there.

Is Airlie Beach worth visiting?

It may be a fair distance from Queensland hotspots like Cairns and Brisbane, but Airlie Beach is well worth a visit. It’s not only located on the Great Barrier Reef, but it’s also home to the world-famous Whitsunday Islands.