Can You Pair Male Guinea Pigs?

If you have two males together, they can become territorial so it is essential you have plenty of space in their enclosure. Guinea pigs should never be kept in the same enclosure as other animals, including rabbits. They cannot communicate properly with one another which can lead to fighting, stress and injury.

Is it better to get 2 male or 2 female guinea pigs?

The most suitable pairings are two females or a neutered male and a female. If you would like to keep a group of three or more guinea pigs it’s not advisable to have more than one male as any more can cause a conflict over resources.

How long does it take guinea pigs to bond with each other?

It can take a guinea pig anywhere from three days to as much as three weeks or more to get used to their new owner. While that can sound like a long time, try not to get too discouraged if your guinea pig takes that long or even longer before getting used to you.

How long does it take for two male guinea pigs to get along?

You should keep your guinea pigs separate from one another in a different room for the first two to three weeks. You will need to have the new guinea checked out by a vet during this time to ensure they are healthy. Do not let them have physical contact until this time period is up.

Can you bond three male guinea pigs?

Once you have all three guinea pigs in this neutral area then you’ll want to give them something that they can happily do together. … Adding a third guinea pig can sometimes be difficult, but as long as you’re being safe about it and remember to take your time while introducing them to each other then you should be fine.

Can I get another guinea pig if I already have one?

Please do! If you have one guinea pig on its own then it will be very unhappy, even if you handle it every day. Guinea pigs are herd animals, and need a companion of the same species to talk to.

How do I stop my guinea pig from being dominant?

How to stop guinea pig dominance?

  1. Get a fairly large cage: …
  2. Provide each guinea pigs with their own resources: …
  3. Keep male and female separately: …
  4. Use a divider if needed: …
  5. Introduce new cage-mates slowly: …
  6. Visit a vet:

Why are my two male guinea pigs suddenly fighting?

Usually, fights break out because the cage is not big enough, they have been paired incorrectly, a guinea pig is sick or injured, or they are bored. You can prevent your guinea pigs from fighting by making sure their cage is big enough, and they have lots of things to keep them busy.

Will neutering stop guinea pigs fighting?

The best mixes are two males, two females or a neutered male with one or more females. In most cases, only male guinea pigs are neutered. … Unlike rabbits, neutering male guinea pigs doesn’t affect their behaviour and will not reduce fighting between a pair.

Should I separate my fighting guinea pigs?

If the fights are aggressive and constant, it’s better to separate them and keep them away from each other to prevent any more harm. If this is the case, it’s best to separate them for a while. This can happen with any pair of guinea pigs: Male/male.

What do you do with an aggressive guinea pig?

Why Do Guinea Pigs Fight? 5 Easy Steps to Stop Them Fighting

  • Provide Enough Food For Them.
  • Divide Up The Cage.
  • Create Distractions In The Cage.
  • Clean Up The Cage Often.
  • Put The Guinea Pigs In Separate Cages.

Why does one guinea pig chase the other?

Guinea pigs are incredibly social animals. This is something really important to understand because guinea pigs are not as happy when they are alone. … This behavior can make it hard to tell if your guinea pigs are playing or fighting. Light chasing, humping and sniffing each other is considered playing.

Is it better to have 2 or 3 guinea pigs?

The minimum size for a group of guinea pigs is two. However, there are good reasons why should consider acquiring three or more at the same time and keeping them together: Several guinea pigs will stimulate each other and encourage active behaviour.

How often should you hold your guinea pig?

Most guinea pigs love spending quality time with their owners, so handling them is enjoyable for all concerned. Once your guinea pig gets to know you, being hand-fed and petted become important parts of their lives. This means it’s actually up to you how much you hold them – you can do so as often as you like.

Which guinea pig gender is better?

Is It Better To Get a Male or Female Guinea Pig? On their own, both female and male guinea pigs make the best pocket pets. As long as it is healthy, happy and friendly, you won’t go wrong choosing either a boy or a girl guinea pig.

What size cage do I need for 2 guinea pigs?

Two guinea pigs: 7.5 square feet (minimum), but at least 10.5 square feet (30” x 50”) is preferred. Three guinea pigs: 10.5 square feet (minimum), but at least 13 square feet (30” x 62”) is preferred.

How much space do two male guinea pigs need?

For a pair of male guinea pigs, 10.5 square feet at least is recommended.

Does neutering a male guinea pig calm it down?

While de-sexing other animals usually has a positive effect on behavior, guinea pigs are the exception. Neutering a gentlepig will make him no less aggressive (or, ahem, “passionate”) and will not change his behavior toward other males or females. If he doesn’t like his fellow roomies now, neutering won’t change this.

Will guinea pigs fight to the death?

Guinea pig aggression can come on suddenly — two cavies can go from cuddly and docile to fighting for life or death in a matter of moments. It can be surprising and frightening. If you do not act quickly, the fight can result in severe injuries.