Did All Evacuees Return Home?

This meant uneventful months passed, giving a false sense of safety, so many children began to come back. Despite warnings by the Minister of Health, nearly half of all evacuees had returned to their homes by Christmas. But, when France fell in June 1940, Britain became the next target and the Blitzkrieg began.

What pain killers were used in ww1?

Other medications included cocaine hydrochloride—used as a local anesthetic—and chloroform—used as both a general anesthetic in surgeries and a sedative. For pain, some of the common painkillers or analgesics used at the time included sodium salicylate, elixir of opium or opii tinctura camphorata, and morphine sulfate.

What was the chain of evacuation in ww1?

This necessitated an efficient system that could immediately address a patient’s critical injuries close to the Front and then evacuate him to a medical unit in a safer zone. This network is known as the Medical Chain of evacuation or evacuation chain.

Was evacuation a success in ww2?

The first day of the evacuation was portrayed in the national press as a great success and an example of the people’s optimism, strength and commitment to the war effort. According to the Daily Mail: ‘Evacuation of schoolchildren from London went without a hitch.