Did Jimmy Stewart Play Any Instruments?

Throughout his career, Stewart performed in 92 films, television programs and shorts. In addition to his film work, Stewart was a decorated bomber pilot who led missions over Nazi Germany during World War II. … In addition, his jazz and blues piano-playing skills were show- cased in film.

Did Jimmy Stewart play the harmonica?

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Jerry Adler, younger brother of Larry Adler, taught James Stewart how to hold the harmonica and mime the playing for the movie, and was the person who did the actual playing of the harmonica music supposedly done by Stewart, who continued playing the instrument after the movie.

Does Jimmy Stewart sing in Night Passage?

The decision to let James Stewart sing and play an accordion was widely criticized. First movie produced in the United States in the Technirama widescreen process, developed by the Technicolor Corporation. Many of the credits were rendered in the style of the Technirama trademark.

Who was Jimmy Stewarts wife?

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) _ Gloria Stewart, married to venerable actor Jimmy Stewart for 45 years, died of cancer with her husband and family at her side, her son said today. She was 75. Gloria Hatrick Stewart died at the couple’s Beverly Hills home Wednesday night, said her son Michael McLean.

Where was Jesse Stone Night Passage?

Filmed on location in Nova Scotia, the story is set in the fictitious town of Paradise, Massachusetts. Jesse Stone: Night Passage is the second in a series of nine television films based on Parker’s Jesse Stone novels. The film first aired on the CBS television network January 15, 2006.

Can Paulette Goddard sing?

Paulette Goddard’s singing voice was dubbed by Vera Van. The film was known as The Golden Hour in the United Kingdom and was re-released in 1946 by Astor Pictures as Jimmy Steps Out.

How accurate is the Glenn Miller Story?

‘The Glenn Miller Story’ is a lovely biographical film about Glenn Miller’s life as a big band leader and his romance with Helen. It may not be historically accurate in places, but it certainly is a lovely tribute for a man whose music has been played for years and years and continues to do so in future.

Did Jimmy Stewart serve in Vietnam?

During the Vietnam War, he flew as a non-duty observer in a B-52 on an Arc Light bombing mission in February, 1966. He served for 27 years, officially retiring from the Air Force on May 31, 1968, when he reached the mandatory retirement age of 60.

Did James Stewart have a glass eye?

Jimmy Stewart, for the movie had to wear a glass eye. And this was a contact that covered his entire eye. It wasn’t like the contacts you wear today that maybe change your brown eyes to blue.

How did Jimmy Stewart meet his wife?

He met Gloria Hatrick McLean in the summer of 1948 when he accepted a dinner invitation to the home of Gary and Rocky Cooper. The 31 year old Gloria stole Stewart’s heart. She was beautiful, outgoing, well educated and she liked to play golf. She loved animals and the outdoors, and she was not an actress.

Was Glenn Miller’s body ever found?

The aircraft and its three occupants have never been found. TIGHAR said it remains a “possibility” it was Miller’s plane. … The plane carrying the musician – famous for records including Pennsylvania 6-5000 and In The Mood – took off from Bedford for Paris, on 15 December 1944, but disappeared over the English channel.

Was Paulette Goddard a good dancer?

In spite of the fact that next to Joan Fontaine, Goddard was considered Astaire’s weakest dancing partner, she actually does good in their one number together. He may have worked her hard and given her some fairly easy steps, but she manages to pull it off.

Why is Jesse Stone divorced?

Off the Wagon: Jesse was fired from his job in L.A. for drinking on the job, and frequently struggles with alcohol. In fact, his divorce from Jenn was not due to Jesse leaving her because she cheated on him, but her leaving him for his drinking.

What happened to Viola Davis in Jesse Stone?

The sad part is Viola Davis having a baby and moved to LA. I think that is the end of her in the series. Her replacement was Kathy Baker and feels much better contributor. Also very appropriate to hang out with Jesse as a co- worker, mainly because of the age factor.

Is Paradise Massachusetts a real place?

Showing up drunk to an interview for a job as police chief for the small town of Paradise, Massachusetts (loosely based on the real town of Marblehead, Massachusetts), Stone is hired because the corrupt president of the town board of selectmen thinks he will be easy to control.

How many times did Jimmy Stewart marry?

For 35 years, Jimmy Stewart has had one wife and gets euphoric when he speaks of her. A fan magazine, notorious for its harsh treatment of Hollywood couples, recently called the Stewart union ”Dream Factory`s outstanding marriage. ” ”I once asked Jimmy about the quality of his marriage,” said Frank Capra.

Did Jimmy Stewart have twins?

In 1949, Stewart married Gloria Hatrick MacLean. She died in 1994. They had twin daughters, Kelly and Judith.