Did Timothy Olyphant Play In The Office?

Timothy Olyphant has starred in several TV shows in recent years, but many viewers seem to forget that he had a short stint on The Office. The actor played the role of Danny Cordray for a multi-episode arc in season 7. … Despite Olyphant’s star status, the character of Danny abruptly disappeared.

Is Timothy Olyphant pigeon toed?

That unique Olyphant swagger

Some fans say it’s either an expression of, or a compensation for, actually being pigeon-toed in real life. … The distinctive walk has even been called out on some of the series Olyphant works on.

Who is the actor for Danny Cordray?

Daniel “Danny” Cordray is a very successful traveling salesman. Introduced in season 7, episode 5 “The Sting”, Danny Cordray is played by actor Timothy Olyphant.