Does AK-47 Magazine Fit SKS?

If it is an AK-47, its ammunition is 7.62×39mm. The rimless, bottleneck cartridge first went into production in 1947 as the M43 with a 123 grain projectile.

What guns use 7.62 x39 ammo?

Best 7.62X39 Rifle – Semi-Automatic, Automatic Rifles

  • Ruger M-77.
  • CZ 527.
  • Russian Ak 47.
  • Rock River Arms.
  • Ruger Mini 14.
  • Century Arms VSKA.
  • Century Arms AES 10B Semi-Automatic.
  • Romanian Under-Folder Straight Assault Model AK 47.

What ammo can I use in a SKS?

The SKS comes equipped with 20-round magazines firing 7.62x39mm ammunition.

How much should an SKS cost?

How Much Should You Pay for an SKS or an AK? A decade ago, the SKS had a huge price advantage over the average AK rifle. In the early 2000s, it wasn’t uncommon to snag a Yugoslavian SKS for under $100. Now, if shooters can even find them, they’re closer to $350 in rough condition.

Is the SKS illegal?

The SKS is generally legally in California if it has a 10-round magazine … and it’s got a full-length wooden stock. It looks like a hunting rifle,” said Sam Paredes, executive director of Gun Owners of California. … There are hundreds of thousands of them in private possession in California, all legal.”

What caliber is 7.62 x39 equal to?

Roughly comparable to the . 30-30 Winchester, the 7.62x39mm performs very well at ranges inside 300 yards and the moderate recoil of the cartridge facilitates rapid follow-up shots, but performance significantly drops off at longer range. The . 308 Winchester is very similar to the 7.62x54R in many ways.

Who makes the best 7.62 x39 rifle?

The 4 Best 7.62×39 Rifles

  • Ruger American Ranch: Best 7.62×39 Rifle for the Money.
  • ARAK-21 XRS Complete Rifle: Best AR/AK Hybrid.
  • CMMG MK47 Mutant: Best 7.62×39 AR.
  • CZ USA 527 Carbine Bolt: Best 7.62×39 bolt action rifle.

Are 7.62 rounds illegal?

Norinco developed and produced 7.62x39mm ammunition for the Type 56 rifle. The Chinese ammunition (as well as all other M43 ammunition) is currently banned from importation in the United States because U.S. federal law classifies the round as an armor-piercing handgun round.

Is a 7.62 x39 the same as a 308?

7.62×39 vs 308: Cartridge Specs

The 7.62×39 does not fire a . 308” diameter bullet, it actually fires a 0.312”. … The next major difference between these two rifle cartridges is the difference in case capacity. The 308 Winchester has almost 40% more case capacity compared to the Russian 7.62×39 (56 gr vs 35.6gr).

What’s better an AR-15 or AK-47?

The AR-15 is a very accurate rifle with an effective range of 600 yards, which is 200 more yards than the AK-47. Rifle accuracy is measured in “Minute of Angle (MOA)” and the AR-15 is 30% more accurate than the AK-47. … The cyclic rate of this rifle is much faster and can fire 200 more rounds per minute than the AK-47.

Is 7.62 x39 good for home defense?

AK Ammunition Selection

I have tested several 7.62x39mm loads with either hollow-point or soft-point bullet. … The AK rifle (in general) and the Arsenal, in particular, is a fine choice for personal defense and among the most versatile firearms available.

Is the Chinese SKS a good gun?

Overall the SKS is a fine rifle and, while there is not significant usage of it in hunting, the SKS excels in target shooting and home defense. … Its common nickname as the “poor man’s AK” is incredibly unfitting; the SKS-45 is a weapon excellent in stature and potency.

Is a SKS an assault rifle?

Semi-automatic-only rifles with fixed magazines like the SKS are not assault rifles; they do not have detachable box magazines and are not capable of automatic fire.

Are Norinco SKS good?

It’s a heavy rifle. Being able to utilize all the features without fiddling around too much makes the SKS one of the easiest guns to shoot. If you find one that has a polymer stock and made to look like an old Soviet machine gun, it’s going to look — and probably run — like a pile of pure garbage.

Is 7.62 x39 good for hunting?

7.62×39 Hunting Ammo Choices

Both Winchester and Federal (Fusion) make 123 grain soft point ammo for hunting, and many people report good results with these. Corbon loads the all-copper 123 grain DPX bullet in a 7.62×39 load that is also reported to perform well on deer-sized game.

How accurate is the 7.62 x39?

The Accuracy Potential of 7.62×39

Depending on the load, the bullet could drop five to eight inches by the time it reaches 200 yards. Beyond that, the drop is even more drastic, making accuracy at 300 yards and beyond a fantasy.

Is 300 Blackout better than 7.62 x39?

300 Blackout and 7.62x39mm loads have a flatter trajectory and retain more energy than the . 30-30 out past 200 yards. The 7.62×39 has a little more kinetic energy, but the . 300 Blackout has a slightly flatter trajectory due to higher ballistic coefficient of the .

How much does 1000 rounds of 7.62 x39 weigh?

Each of these 1000 round cases weighs roughly 42 pounds, and they stack easily because of their design.

Can you shoot 7.62 x39 in a 7.62 x54?

Can you shoot 7.62 x54 in a 7.62 x39 rifle? Yes, both of the russian 7.62’s use the same diameter bullet. any x54R loading data for 123ish grain rounds will work with 123ish grain x39 bullets- since they are the same.

Is the SKS banned in USA?

The Chinese rifle that Secret Service agents said a gunman used Saturday has been illegal to import into the United States since May, federal officials said. The version of the SKS sold with a detachable magazine was banned in 1989. …

What is the SKS good for?

The SKS, not surprisingly, is a popular hunting rifle. Due to its known mid-to-longer range ability, the SKS rifle is commonly used to hunt deer. The only downfall in using the gun as a hunting rifle is the lack of a scope or ability to mount one. The original design was created with an iron sight only.

Which is better ar15 or SKS?

SKS is more resistant to dirt that might be encountered in an outdoor survival situation. For home defense, I think it is too long and heavy and is a last resort weapon. If you choose a rifle for home defense the AR is lighter and more maneuverable.