Does Artie Ever Walk Again In Glee?

The five-year time jump reveals that Artie — now (finally!) a couple with Tina — has had his film accepted to the Slamdance film festival, with Mercedes signing on to lend her music to the production. Rachel, meanwhile, is pregnant and serving as a surrogate for Kurt and Blaine’s baby.

What episode does Artie walk?

‘Glee’ episode recap: ‘A Very ‘Glee‘ Christmas‘ has Artie walking, thanks to present from Brittany. Ho-ho-freaking-ho, and welcome to “Glee’s” Christmas spectacular.

Is Artie from Glee actually disabled?

He is a guitarist and paraplegic manual wheelchair user who is a member of the glee club at the fictional William McKinley High School in Lima, Ohio, where the show is set. Artie uses a wheelchair due to a spinal cord injury he sustained in a car crash at the age of eight.

What happened to Kevin McHale?

He was the head coach of the Houston Rockets from 2011–15 until being fired following a 4–7 start to the 2015–16 season. McHale currently works as an on-air analyst for NBA TV and Turner Sports’ popular NBA on TNT studio show.

Who married Artie?

8 Artie & Tina

One of the biggest surprises of the season finale was the revelation that Artie and Tina were together.

What happened to Santana at the end of Glee?

Santana was MIA in the Season 5 finale of Glee, but don’t worry, folks — she was in Iowa! … Santana’s absence was quickly explained by Mercedes, who told the New York glee club grads that Santana was filming a second commercial for the yeast infection cream that she was selected to promote earlier in the season.

Who did Rachel cheat on Finn with?

In the episode Special Education, Rachel finds out Finn slept with Santana during The Power of Madonna. She gets upset because she confessed that she didn’t sleep with Jesse (a perfect time to be honest with her about Santana).

Who is the dad of Rachel’s baby in Glee?

Later, it is revealed that Puck is the real father, but just he and Quinn know it. After a discussion between them, Quinn runs to her car, just to find Terri was waiting for her. They have a conversation about their pregnancies. Sectionals Rachel tells Finn that Puck is the real father of Quinn’s baby.

Can the wheelchair kid from Glee walk?

Kevin’s Glee character Artie Abrams is confined to a wheelchair and fans are surprised when they discover that Kevin the actor can actually walk. Kevin tells PopEater that he’s not surprised fans are shocked he can walk because as he says, “I’m really good at not moving my legs.”

Who is the Pizza by Alfredo delivery guy?

Kevin McHale didn’t have a ton of roles before taking on the part of Arty in Fox’s Glee, but one of his early small screen appearances was The Office, in which he played a smartass pizza delivery guy from Pizza by Alfredo (where pizza is like a “hot circle of garbage,” according to Dunder Mifflin’s Kevin Malone).

Did Artie and Tina date?

Dating Status:

The Artie-Tina Relationship, also known as Tartie or Artina, is the relationship between Artie Abrams and Tina Cohen-Chang. They first began dating in Wheels, the ninth episode of Season One, but she breaks up with him between Seasons One and Two and starts dating Mike.

Do Artie and Brittany get back together?

Their first significant romantic interaction is in the episode, Duets. In Furt, they are officially dating. They break up in the episode Rumours after Artie calls Brittany stupid.

Who drafted Kevin McHale?

Draft selections and draftee career notes

Kevin McHale from the University of Minnesota was selected third by the Boston Celtics. McHale spent his entire 13-year career with the Celtics and won three NBA championships.

Is Kevin McHale in Bratz?

Career. McHale was in a boy band, NTL (Not Like Them), for six years- they made an appearance in Bratz: The Movie in 2007. … He appeared in Zoey 101 for three episodes, The Office, and Ruthless, a short, in 2007. McHale would be in two episodes of the hit HBO show, True Blood, in 2008.

How did Celtics get Kevin McHale?

Auerbach dealt a pair of 1980 first-rounders used to select big man Joe Barry Carroll and center Rickey Brown to the Golden State Warriors in exchange for big man Robert Parish and the draft pick used to select Kevin McHale.

How much money does Kevin Garnett have?

Kevin Garnett was an MVP, a 15-time All-Star and a four-time first-team All-NBA. He won a championship with the 2007-2008 Boston Celtics. He also retired having made $326 million in his career, the second-most in NBA history.

Did they use autotune in glee?

They definitely used auto tune for most songs in the show. Even if the actors can sing, they just do it so it sounds and looks better and because they released the songs every week on iTunes for people to buy.

Who is Rachel Berry’s mom?

Shelby Corcoran is a recurring character on Glee. the former coach of The Troubletones and Vocal Adrenaline, she now runs a Broadway daycare centre. She is the biological mother of Rachel Berry and the adoptive mother of Noah Puckerman and Quinn’s daughter, Beth.

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