Does Diminish Mean Decrease?

If you diminish someone or something, you talk about them or treat them in a way that makes them appear less important than they really are. He never put her down or diminished her.

How do you use the word diminish?

Diminish in a Sentence ?

  1. The medicine caused my headache to diminish.
  2. They didn’t want to diminish my work, but they had decided to publish another article in the paper.
  3. My bank account began to diminish when I made several large purchases. …
  4. As the rain began to diminish, we headed out to the park.

What are 5 synonyms diminish?


  • abate.
  • curtail.
  • decline.
  • decrease.
  • dwindle.
  • ebb.
  • lessen.
  • lower.

What’s another way to say decrease?

Some common synonyms of decrease are abate, diminish, dwindle, lessen, and reduce. While all these words mean “to grow or make less,” decrease suggests a progressive decline in size, amount, numbers, or intensity.

What is something diminished?

Diminished is an adjective that means made or having become smaller, fewer, or less. Close synonyms are reduced, decreased, and lessened. A diminished interest is one that has lessened. … Diminished is also used in more specific ways in the context of music.

What is the noun of diminish?

diminishment. The act of diminishing; reducing in size, quantity, or quality.

How do you use obscured in a sentence?

Obscured sentence example

  1. The issue is also obscured in another way. …
  2. Her gray eyes were almost the color of the moon overhead, her pale features obscured by curls that danced in an ocean breeze.

What is the adjective of diminish?

diminished. lessened, reduced. (music) reduced by a semitone.

What does the root word diminish mean?

If you look at diminish, you see ‘minis‘ which comes from the Latin word minus, as in subtraction. Other words that share this root are miniature and minuscule, all of which mean something that is small, or at least smallish. Definitions of diminish. verb. decrease in size, extent, or range.

What does diminishing resources mean?

Resource depletion is the consumption of a resource faster than it can be replenished. … The value of a resource is a direct result of its availability in nature and the cost of extracting the resource, the more a resource is depleted the more the value of the resource increases.

What part of speech is diminish?

DIMINISHED (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

Is diminish a synonym for minimize?

In this page you can discover 35 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for minimize, like: decrease, lessen, slight, reduce, mitigate, belittle, denigrate, enlarge, disparage, diminish and downplay.

What does diminished mean in medical terms?

(of an organ or body part) diminished in size or strength as a result of disease or injury or lack of use. synonyms: atrophied, wasted. Antonyms: enlarged, hypertrophied. (of an organ or body part) excessively enlarged as a result of increased size in the constituent cells.

What does obscure darkness mean?

Full Definition of obscure

(Entry 1 of 3) 1a : dark, dim the obscure dusk of the shuttered room. b : shrouded in or hidden by darkness standing obscure in the deepest shade. c : not clearly seen or easily distinguished : faint obscure markings.

Can a person be obscure?

Obscurity is being unknown or hard to understand. A person who is not famous and who few people know is an example of someone who lives in obscurity. … An obscure person or thing.

What does dying in obscurity mean?

DEFINITIONS2. uncountable a state in which a person or thing is not well known or not remembered. a girl who was plucked from obscurity to become a star. in obscurity: He was a famous poet, but he died in obscurity.

What is diminished in math?

v. to make smaller. EX. The phrase “a number diminished by 5” may be written algebraically as “x – 5“. … Twelve diminished by a number is 7.

What is the meaning of the word weaken?

weaken, enfeeble, debilitate, undermine, sap, cripple, disable mean to lose or cause to lose strength or vigor. weaken may imply loss of physical strength, health, soundness, or stability or of quality, intensity, or effective power.

What is meant by diminished image?

If the size of the image formed is smaller than the object, the image is said to be diminished.

Is it decrease or decreased?

The words decreased and decreasing can both be used as adjectives, as in a decreased appetite or decreasing sales. The opposite of decrease as both a verb and a noun is increase. Example: Sally decided to decrease her workload, which led to a decrease in stress.

How do you use the word reduce in a sentence?

  1. The birth rate has been decreasing recently. ( …
  2. I would like to drastically decrease the amount of time it takes me to clean the house. ( …
  3. Our sales are decreasing. ( …
  4. Sales have decreased these days. …
  5. The medicine decreased his pain. ( …
  6. Production of rice has decreased. (

What is another word for reduce or decrease?

Some common synonyms of reduce are abate, decrease, diminish, dwindle, and lessen.

What is natural depletion?

M.Ed., Stanford University. Natural resource depletion is loosely defined as when resources are used up in an area. Non-renewable resources (things like oil and trees) will eventually be depleted while renewable resources (things like wind and sun) typically are not entirely depleted.

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