Does Jyn Erso Have A Love Interest?

Qui-Gon Jinn’s Daughter

But The Force Awakens heroine is an outstanding character regardless of her origins.

Why did saw Gerrera abandon Jyn?

She lived in a bunker, getting human contact from few people – all rebels who eventually died and were never seen again, or those who turned her in for the prize money. When it became too dangerous for Saw to keep Jyn around, he abandoned her.

What killed Jyn Erso?

She transmitted the plans to the Alliance Fleet that arrived in orbit, but the Death Star soon fired on Scarif in an attempt to eliminate the Rebel threat. Erso and Andor were the last surviving members of their squad, and they died when the blast reached the complex.

Is Jyn Erso Rey’s mother?

Jyn Erso is not Rey’s mom. … If Rey is about 20 years old during TFA, and 35 years have passed between it and A New Hope, Jyn would have had to have Rey at some point in the future. So Rey’s parentage and family remain a mystery, gang.

Does Jyn Erso have a Kyber crystal?

Purpose. Jyn’s kyber pendant was a kyber crystal necklace given to Jyn Erso by her mother Lyra Erso, whilst on the run from death troopers. … It had the words “TRUST IN THE FORCE” written on it in Aurebesh—the very same words that Lyra told her daughter when she gave her the necklace as a parting gift.

Is Jyn Erso in bad batch?

The project is one of the Tarkin Initiative projects Jyn Erso discovered in the Citadel Tower on Scarif in Rogue One. … Tarkin appoints Crosshair, the wayward member of the Bad Batch who the Kaminoans are controlling with a modified inhibitor chip, to lead the group.

Is Jyn Erso force sensitive?

Despite carrying a Kyber crystal around her neck, it is highly unlikely that Jyn ever achieved Force sensitivity. The crystal in question was given to her by her mother, Lyra Erso, shortly before she was murdered. … Sadly, you’ll realize that Jyn may have been told to trust the Force, but she probably never felt it.

Are JYN and Cassian in love?

Let’s break it down, as long as you’re cool with the spoilers. Having had some time to see and contemplate the film, I’d argue that yes, Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) and Captain Cassian (Diego Luna) end up falling in love. … At the beginning of the film, it’s abundantly clear that Jyn and Cassian don’t trust each other.

How old was JYN ERSO when she died?

Four years later, the Empire found the Erso family, resulting in Saw Gerrera’s rescue of 8-year-old Jyn. When she died as part of the heroic sacrifice for the Rebel Alliance on Scarif, it was 0 BBY, indicating Jyn was around the age of 21.

Is JYN ERSO death?

Those who have seen the film know that, at the very end of the mission to steal the Death Star plans, Jyn Erso, Captain Cassian Andor and the rest of the rag-tag crew all perish in one way or another. … Jyn did survive. Cassian also survived.

What happened to Jyn Erso’s Kyber crystal?


Hoping it brought good luck, she took it to Lah’mu and made it into a pendant. As the Empire closed in, Lyra gave the pendant to Jyn, reminding her to trust in the Force. Jyn has kept it during her travels as a link to her lost family.

Who killed Galen ERSO?

Galen reveals himself after Krennic threatens to kill all of them, but Krennic orders his death troopers to kill all of them anyway. Galen is later killed by a torpedo blast by incoming Rebel fighters, though he manages to reunite with his daughter before he dies.

Is the blind guy in rogue one Force-sensitive?

If we use the term this way for Îmwe, then he is not Force-sensitive because “he lacks Force abilities”. … He was described as: “A blind warrior monk and disciplined fighter, Chirrut is attuned to the mystical energy of the Force“.


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was supposed to feature Leia more prominently in the movie, but filmmakers decided against it because of Jyn Erso. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was originally going to feature Leia more, but the filmmakers opted against it because of Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones).

Is JYN ERSO a Jedi?

According to director Gareth Edwards, Jyn Erso’s mother was originally a Jedi Knight and that Krennic was to murder her. This was eventually written out due to the possibility of it becoming confusing as to whether or not Jyn was a Jedi and by extent Force-sensitive.

Who is JYN ERSO mother?

In a new interview, the filmmakers have revealed that in one of the early drafts of the script, Jyn Erso’s mother, Lyra (played by Valene Kane), was originally meant to be a Jedi knight who wielded a lightsaber in a fight against Ben Mendelsohn’s Orson Krennic in the movie’s prologue.

How did JYN get a Kyber crystal?

And where did Lyra Erso get it? To answer the last question first, according to Star Wars: Rogue One – The Ultimate Visual Guide, Lyra acquired the crystal during the family’s flight from Coruscant. It caught her eye amongst Galen’s research materials and she rescued the small stone, sensing the kyber was a good omen.

Did the Death Star have a Kyber crystal?

Each of the Empire’s Death Stars was built around a terrifying weapon – a superlaser array capable of destroying a planet. According to legend, the ancient Sith used massive kyber crystals to create superweapons; during the Clone Wars, the Geonosians revived the superlaser design.

Why are there kyber crystals on Jedha?

There’s a big reason Jedha is considered a holy city for Jedi. … So Jedha is like this very unique place in the galaxy in that it’s got a very high density of Kyber Crystals, which is what the Jedi need for lightsabers. So it became this holy city as a result of that meteor impact.

Who is Obi Wan Kenobi’s daughter?

Rey is Obi-Wan Kenobi’s daughter or granddaughter somehow: This would be a bit of a curveball, admittedly, but it’s weird that there hasn’t been a Kenobi in this series just yet.

Is Luke Skywalker in Rogue One?

In honor of Jyn Erso and her crew’s sacrifice at Scarif, Luke Skywalker ordered for the specific “Rogue One” designation that they used to be retired. This led to Luke flying instead as Rogue Leader. … Following the Battle of Hoth, Commander Wedge Antilles was made Rogue Leader as Skywalker took a leave of absence.

Is JYN Rey?

This is for those of you still holding out hope for the whole Jyn is Rey’s mom theory. As previously stated, Jyn being Rey’s mom is, in a word, impossible. If Jyn had given birth to Rey before the events of Rogue One, that would make Rey over 30 years old in The Force Awakens, which she is clearly not.

How many kyber crystals are there at galaxy’s edge?

What Color Kyber Crystals are there in Galaxy’s Edge? You can choose to purchase one of the 6 available Kyber Crystal colors: Blue. Purple.