Does Montserrat End Up With Alejandro?

Episode 154 Montserrat decides to go back home and abandon plans of running away with Alejandro. His friends try to reason with Alejandro, telling him what a dumb decision he had made in regards to Montserrat. The blonde beauty tells Mamá Rosario she is pregnant and that most likely it’s Jose Luis’ child.

What episode does Montserrat and Alejandro Get Married?

Episode 132 has Montserrat drenched in wine from the drunk Fabiola (Lisset) who wanted to ruin her wedding. Carlota (Gaby Rivero) has the horrible idea of using the wedding dress that Montse used when she married Alejandro.

Does Montserrat have a kid with Jose Luis?

Montserrat gets to Alejandro and stars feeling sick. She is rushed to the hospital and the doctor tells her she is three-weeks pregnant, which means it’s José Luis’ child. … Montserrat reminds Alejandro that José Luis took care of Laurito knowing he wasn’t his child.

What episode does Alejandro get out of jail?

Episode 101 has Alejandro out of jail after the debacle that Pedro Medina (Sergio Sendel) created.

Does Josefina fall in love with dimitrio?

So even though Dimitrio has finally learned to love her, it is too late because Josefina has realized that she was looking for validation, through love, for the wrong reasons: she was insecure and afraid to be alone and for those reasons, she allowed herself to be stepped over like a rug.

What happens at the end of lo que la vida me Robo?

Pedro Medina kills the mole and has Alejandro and José Luis get in his truck. Meanwhile, Dimitrio arrives at the house where Pedro Medina was it and Amalia and Victoria remain. Victor finally reunites with his daughter Victoria.

Is Sebastian Rulli still married?

Prior to her relationship with Angelique, Sebastian was married to actress Cecilia Galliano. … They are the parents of a son, Santiago Rulli Galliano, but also took care of Cecilia’s daughter, Valentina. After three years of marriage, the couple officially divorced on July 12, 2011.

Does Sebastian Rulli live in Mexico?

Sebastián Rulli is an Argentine actor based in Mexico who has participated in film, theater and television.

Is Irina baeva Mexican?

Irina Baeva is a Russian-Mexican model and actress who has been making her niche in the entertainment world. … Baeva is a member of the famous soap opera actress list. She received a nomination to the TVyNovelas Awards as Best female Revelation of the year.

How long have Sebastian Rulli and Angelique Boyer been dating?

Angelique Boyer Yes Sebastian Rulli They have been in a relationship for seven years and are currently one of the most stable couples in international show business. The actors are two of the most popular artists in Mexico and Latin America, and they have also starred in several soap operas.

Who is Sebastian Rulli dating?

Sebastián Rulli and his girlfriend Angelique Boyer attended an event last Tuesday in Mexico City where the Argentine actor’s ex-wife—actress Cecilia Galliano—was also present.

Who does Teresa Chavez end up with?

Teresa eventually marries Arturo.

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