Does Sergiu Die?

Shae Piersovska is a female diplomat from Kolechia who will attempt to cross the border on day 25.

Should I accept the EZIC gift?

No. The money by EZIC you receive on day 11 or 12 will always be confiscated, together with any other savings you have. Allowing an EZIC agent (Stepheni Graire) to enter the country will prevent you being arrested for receiving the money, but it will not allow you to get the money back.

What does reason mean in Papers, Please?

Reason for denial is a stamp required to accompany all denials starting day 18 after unfavorable international press affects Arstotzkan immigration protocol. The text on the stamp never changes and is illegible.

Can Sergiu die in papers please?

Sergiu hails from Nirsk, like the inspector. Although the guard assures protection for the inspector, his aim has deteriorated since his service in Kolechia during the Six-Year War, and he may die if the inspector fails to neutralize certain attackers quickly enough, which will affect the story.

Who is the leader of Arstotzka?

The government is autocratic, and the strict isolation imposed by eccentric President Jorji Costava is enforced by the border guards and the police. Despite the authorities efforts to distribute what’s left of the wealth after they shared it amongst themself, Arstotzka’s population is still impoverished.

What is Kolechian?

Kolechia is a neighboring country west of Arstotzka, bordered by Obristan, Antegria, Republia, and Impor.

Where is Arstotzka located in real life?

Where is Arstotzka located in real life? Arstotzka is bordered by Kolechia (Ukraine) with Antegria and Republia resembling the real life Latvia and Estonia and the United Federation being the real Russian Federation.

Is Cobrastan a real country?

Cobrastan is a fake country made up by Jorji Costava, which appears in his fake passport, as his nationality on day 4. According to the passport, Cobrastan has at least one city, Bestburg, which Jorji also made up. … Cobrastan’s passport in film adaptation.

What are the countries in papers please based on?

The main events take place in the border town of East Grestin (marked by a crosshair on the map) in communist Arstotzka.

The (real) countries are:

  • Antegria.
  • Arstotzka.
  • Impor.
  • Kolechia.
  • Obristan.
  • Republia.
  • United Federation.

Is Arstotzka a dictatorship?

Arstotzka is the primary antagonistic setting of the 2013 videogame Papers, Please. It is a brutal dictatorship which represses its people, but attracts many immigrants due to the economic opportunities.

What language do they speak in Arstotzka?

Arstotzkan: view language – ConWorkShop. About Arstotzkan Arstotzkan is the native language of the Slavic peoples of Arstotzka. Over the years, the nation has seen influences following Soviet occupation, as well as earlier influences of Japanese Shinto zealots from their trade partner, Impor.

What happens if you adopt niece in Papers, Please?

It is possible to adopt the niece on that date, but it will cost 40 credits. She will be added to the number of family members the inspector has to care for, but the day after she is adopted, she will bring her mother’s savings with her, which will add 100 credits to the inspector’s available cash.

What happens if you get no citations in papers please?

The number of citations alone does not end the game, but the game will end if the inspector cannot pay the penalties and goes into debt (ending 1). The number of citations affects the plaques the inspector will receive on days 10 and 20 but this has no effect on actual gameplay.

How many days are there in papers please?

Story mode takes at least 4 hours to reach one of the main endings. The game is divided into days and there are 31 days in all.

What is Lucas Pope working on?

One of the most exciting announcements was the news that Lucas Pope, acclaimed creator of Papers Please and Return of the Obra Dinn, is making a new game exclusively for the bite-sized handheld. During the video Pope showed off a brief snippet of a game called Mars After Midnight.

Will there be Papers, Please 2?

While he’s open to iOS or PlayStation Vita ports of Papers, Please, he won’t be making a sequel because he isn’t interested in returning to that universe. His goal is to finish Return of the Obra Dinn in time to submit the game to the Independent Games Festival.

Is Arstotzka East Germany?

Arstotzka- East Germany (Most likely communist, has a physical border wall on a border).

Is Papers, Please based on East Germany?

What is it based on? and Where does it come from? “Papers, please” –from my research– is a game simulating the time period in the 1960s in Berlin when it was divided into East and West. The game fairly depicts the border checkpoint in Berlin without actually taking names.

What happened in Arstotzka?

Constant terrorist attacks at the border, smuggling, human trafficking, turmoil caused by EZIC, and unrest in the Altan district made Arstotzka institute stricter and stricter policies that culminated in confiscation of passports from all Arstotzkan citizens and full information audits for all government workers.

What ideology is Arstotzka?

The offical “Papers, Please” website’s FAQ (scroll to bottom) says that Arstotzka is communist. Therefore, it is canonically communist. It can be assumed that Arstotzka is ruled by a Communist Party, and is a one-party state.

Why Papers, Please is so good?

The range of feelings Papers, Please is able to evoke is simply stunning, considering the premise and its simplicity. Pope really outdid himself with the clever writing, cohesiveness and subtle humor of the story, as well as the ethical ambiguity of many of the choices.

Does Arstotzka exist?

Arstotzka is bordered by Kolechia (Ukraine) with Antegria and Republia resembling the real life Latvia and Estonia and the United Federation being the real Russian Federation. Of course the map has been flipped in-game to where Russia is on the other side.

What is Papers, Please age rating?

This game has been rated PEGI 16 for use of sexual expletives. Not suitable for persons under 16 years of age.

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