Does Sonlight Prepare For College?

Sonlight is a Christian, literature-based (lots of read-alouds) homeschool “box” curriculum for all grades that includes all subjects (though you have choices for Math and a few other subjects).

What kind of curriculum is sonlight?

Sonlight is a Christian company specializing in literature-based homeschool curriculum programs which selects engaging books and readers that cover topics such as Bible, history, language arts, handwriting, math, science, and more.

Can I return sonlight curriculum?

Sonlight’s 9-Week Curriculum Packages are covered under a 30-day guarantee, but items must be returned in unused, resaleable condition (i.e. no label stickers, not marked in nor on, binding unbroken, cover and pages unbent, and not scuffed, defaced nor worn; computer software must be unopened).

Is Sonlight Seventh Day Adventist?

SonLight Education Ministries provides a curriculum of Bible-based Christian homeschooling that is modeled after the Hebrew system of education. It is a uniquely Adventist program.

Is sonlight curriculum Catholic?

Most Sonlight books – ninety percent or more – are non-religious.

Is Sonlight homeschool secular?

When BookShark was first released, many considered it the secular version of Sonlight. From BookShark’s website, they describe themselves as faith-neutral. And yes, if you hang around secular homeschool groups online, you’ll quickly find out that there is a difference.

What Bible version does sonlight use?

Some Sonlight programs include age-appropriate Bible story books, but please use the version of Scripture you prefer for your daily Bible reading and study with Sonlight. The Scripture memory songs set to music use various translations and versions, including KJV, NKJV, NASB, and more.

Is sonlight curriculum Common Core?

Since Sonlight is not accredited, we are not bound to the “Common Core” standards (you can read more about accreditation here). We regularly update our programs to ensure you have tools to give your children an excellent education.

Is sonlight science good?

The books were perfect for an elementary grade level science program. … Pictures and images in the books are amazing. Very detailed and fun to see. The images in these books are not simply to add a little color, they really do add to the text and overall learning experience.

Is notgrass history secular?

Secular or Christian? Notgrass adopts a Christian worldview. It upholds the Bible and praises Jesus as the world’s Savior.

Is BookShark the same as sonlight?

Summary. Despite differences in the content of Sonlight and BookShark, the educational approach and learning methods are the same in both. The essential difference is that BookShark offers an option for those who want to experience a “Sonlight education” from a secular perspective.

What homeschool programs are accredited?

Many of them are adaptable to different teaching styles.

  • Calvert. Calvert has been providing homeschool programs for 110 years. …
  • K12. K12 provides online homeschool courses tailored to the age and skills of your children. …
  • Bridgewater. …
  • The Keystone School. …
  • Time4Learning. …
  • Forest Trail Academy. …
  • Laurel Springs School. …
  • Oak Meadow.

Is sonlight Language Arts enough?

Sonlight is lacking in Language Arts.

While it is true that Sonlight is light on the typical language arts program, it is anything but lacking! They provide vocab, spelling, grammar, reading, literature, writing…and more.

How does book shark work?

BookShark does not rely on one source to teach a subject, but instead offers multiple resources, books, and literature that will challenge your students as they wrestle with and learn from a variety of viewpoints. Your student benefits by building lifelong skills: to think broadly, research widely, and act wisely.

Is My Father’s World accredited?

My Father’s World curriculum is used by some accredited schools and, most importantly, meets or exceeds academic standards nationwide. … So, while we are not accredited, we are certainly designed to meet the highest standards for your child’s academic success.

Is abeka a good curriculum?

Abeka Academy is a great homeschool choice for K5–12th grade because it provides your child with a college preparatory, traditional, structured education led by experienced Christian school teachers.

How much does the good and the beautiful cost?

Each course set is available in physical format for less than $49.99, and Math 1–5 are available as completely FREE downloads! Don’t plan your homeschool year without exploring the beauty, ease, and high academics in these new courses!

Who started sonlight curriculum?

Sonlight’s History

In 1989, stateside missionaries John and Sarita Holzmann realized they couldn’t afford to put three children in a private Christian school.

Does sonlight have sales?

Visit for additional details. Customers who qualify for SonlightCares™ will automatically receive an additional 10% off and free shipping.

Does sonlight offer military discount?

Does Sonlight offer a military discount? Plais-Amanda, we do not. We try to be mindful of everyone’s budget and so offer the same great discounts and benefits to everyone.

How long does sonlight take each day?

In the early years, a solid Sonlight day is from 1.5-3 hours. As your child gets older, that will increase. High school students may spend around 6-8 hours a day, depending on how deeply they want to to tackle subjects.

How long has sonlight been around?

The idea for Sonlight Curriculum, Ltd. was first sown in February 1990. Sarita Holzmann and Becky Lewis were back-fence neighbors at an evangelical Christian think-tank in Pasadena, California.

Is Bookshark secular?

We are secular homeschoolers, meaning that our curriculum choices aren’t going to have a religious view of any type. They aren’t going to be negative about religion but only going to give the facts.

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