How Do I Delete A Post On TSR?

To make a new thread click on the ‘Create New Thread’ button once you have clicked on the correct forum. Then enter your thread title and your post in the box and press ‘Submit New Thread’.

Can you do a thread on Facebook?

To start a private thread on Facebook, you can send a private message, chat message or text message to one or more Facebook users. When you do this, a new thread is automatically saved to your Facebook Messages.

Can you edit a Tripadvisor post?

The ability to edit your post will remain available for up to five minutes after you post in the forums. Click the Edit button below your post to make any desired changes. After the edit period has expired, you still have the option to remove your own post: Click Report inappropriate content under your post.

Can you delete a tattle post?

It is possible to delete entire threads from Tattle.

How do you delete a student post on d2l?

Delete: Your Discussion Thread

  1. Return to the post you wish to delete.
  2. Click on the dropdown menu to the right (inverted chevron icon) of the post’s subject (thread you started) or to the right of your name (reply to somebody else).
  3. Select Delete.
  4. Click Yes to confirm you want to delete the post.

Can professors see edits on D2L?

You cannot prevent students from editing Discussion posts on a course-by-course basis, but instructors can see an edit history for discussion posts.

Can you edit posts on D2L?

On the Discussions page, click the arrow next to the item. Click Edit Forum or Edit Topic. Make your changes. Save and Close.

Can teachers see deleted discussion posts on Brightspace?

Currently in Brightspace, students can delete their own threads and posts (replies to threads). However, deleted threads and posts are still viewable by instructors. This option can be toggled on or off, depending on your preference.

Who created tattle life?

A 2019 petition to get Tattle Life shut down has gathered almost 62,000 signatures. It was started by YouTuber Michelle Chapman, who was the target of “relentless abuse, bullying, harassment, discrimination even doxxing from this forum”.

What are tattle rules?

Tattling is the act of reporting on someone’s rule-breaking behavior or actions, usually to get that person in trouble. But if a child tells a parent or other grown-up about something that is hurting someone or could cause harm, that is not tattling — that is helping someone or preventing someone from getting hurt.

Can I remove a post from Tripadvisor?

Re: HOw do I edit or delete a post? In the same box as your post, you’ll see the blue link, “Report inappropriate content”. Click on that and then “Remove my post”. When you refresh the page, you’ll see that it’s gone.

Can you edit your own review on Tripadvisor?

Reviews once submitted cannot be edited. You will need to ask Tripadvisor Staff to remove your review, then resubmit it. If you like to do this, use the form below but first make sure you copy and paste the text of your review in a word processor. TA doesn’t allow any editing of reviews.

How do I update my Tripadvisor review?

Reviews once submitted cannot be edited. You will need to ask Tripadvisor Staff to remove your review, then resubmit it. If you like to do this, use the form below but first make sure you copy and paste the text of your review in a word processor. TA doesn’t allow any editing of reviews.

Can you edit a pending review on Tripadvisor?

You are unable to edit a review that is pending. You could save a copy of your review on your computer, make the changes you want, then go to the Tripadvisor Help Centre, then User Review Support and select “remove my review” from the drop down menu, and choose the one you want deleted.

Why is tattling wrong?

Because adults often believe that tattling is a bid for attention, a way to get another kid in trouble, or a means to redirect attention away from a child’s own misdeeds to another’s. … However, research suggests that when kids finally tell, they have endured or witnessed another kid’s offense multiple times.

What do you do when a child tattles?

Bring the action to her attention, and ask what she thinks about what the kid is doing. Does she understand that what the child is doing is tattling, and why it’s wrong?” Dr. Balter says. Take time to talk about what the other child could have done instead of tattling (ignore it, walk away, and so on).

Is it bad to tattle?

Although it’s a natural reaction for many children to want to tell on someone when they do something wrong, tattling is usually frowned upon by most kids, parents, and teachers. When you tattle, you’re inserting yourself into a situation that most likely doesn’t and shouldn’t involve you.

What is Tattie life?

Tattle Life is a commentary website on public business social media accounts. We allow commentary and critiques of people that choose to monetise their personal life as a business and release it into the public domain.

Is Clemmie Hooper still on Instagram?

Lifegate that her account has disappeared. Clemmie Hooper’s Instagram account has gone on the missing list again, for the second time in as many weeks. Previous to her account appearing to have been deleted she still hadn’t posted anything since being exposed as the troll behind her AliceInWanderlust Tattle.

Where is tattle life based?

Lucy, 24, based in south-east England, was surprised to discover her Tattle Life thread; after all, she only had 11,000 Instagram followers.

Can teachers see your edits on canvas?

Edit and delete their own posts – this feature allows students to edit or delete their existing posts. If the post is edited, there is no history for the Instructor to look at to see what was changed. … Most instructors do not want this feature available to students.

Can a teachers see when you deleted discussion posts on canvas?

If you delete a discussion reply with other course user replies attached, Canvas shows a Deleted by notification. … Note: Course instructors can see that you deleted your replies in the discussion.

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