How Do You Get Rid Of Fire Blight?

Reduce new infections by spraying an antibiotic such as streptomycin sulfate (Ferti-lome® Fire Blight Spray) on flowers or shoots before the bacteria infect them. A copper sulfate fungicide (Bonide® Copper Fungicide) is also an option when applied several times while the blossoms are open.

Does fire blight stay in the soil?

It does not survive in the soil so it is safe to replant even with the same plants. But sanitation and pruning out the infected parts is the key to keeping it restrained. It doesn’t typically spread this time of year and entry points are usually at flowers and pruning cuts, open fresh wounds.

When should I spray for fire blight?

Watch for and protect secondary blossoms during the three weeks after petal fall, which is the most common time of fire blight infection. Most sprays only protect the blooms that are open. Protect new blooms as they open. In warm weather, follow-up sprays are needed every few days.