How Do You Use Barely In A Sentence?

How do you use barely in a sentence?

Barely Sentence Examples

  1. He barely talked to me.
  2. Her mouth felt dry and her voice was barely a whisper.
  3. Yancey was barely breathing hard.
  4. They barely knew each other.

When can we use barely?

You use barely to say that something is only just true or only just the case. Anastasia could barely remember the ride to the hospital. It was 90 degrees and the air conditioning barely cooled the room. His voice was barely audible.

What does just barely mean?

only just; scarcely; no more than; almost not: He had barely enough money to pay for the car. without disguise or concealment; openly: They gave the facts to him barely. scantily; meagerly; sparsely. Archaic.

What is this word barely?

1 : in a meager manner : plainly a barely furnished room. 2 : scarcely, hardly barely enough money for lunch.

What is barely enough?

1 only just; scarcely. barely enough for their needs. 2 Informal not quite; nearly. barely old enough. 3 scantily; poorly.

Can’t barely walk or can barely walk?

the first one is grammatically correct, it means you are barely capable of stepping. The second one is called a “double negative” both “can’t” and “barely” are negative, add them together and it means you CAN step. literally, you are not “barely capable of stepping” you can step quite well.

Is barely a negative word?

Hardly, barely, and scarcely all have a negative connotation, and the use of any of them with a negative like can’t or couldn’t is often condemned as a double negative and thus considered nonstandard: I can’t hardly wait.

Could barely walk meaning?

It means, I can walk but it’s very, very difficult.

What’s the difference between barely and hardly?

‘Barely’ tends to convey a sense of magnitude of final achievement. ie the actual limit or magnitude is the primary focus. ‘Hardly’ tends to convey a sense of just adequate performance to cause a limit to be reached. ie the focus shifts subtly towards the reason for the limit only just being exceeded.

What is the difference between barely and rarely?

As adverbs the difference between barely and rarely

is that barely is (degree) by a small margin while rarely is not occurring at a regular interval; seldom; not often.

Can barely see Meaning?

It means when you can only see someone just a little bit. Ex “Are you behind the house? I can barely see you!”

What part of speech is barely?

‘Barely’ is an adverb. Adverbs are used in sentences to modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs.

Can barely do meaning?

used for saying that something almost does not happen or exist, or is almost not possible. He was so dizzy he could barely stand.

Which of the following is correct * I haven’t barely started to think about my exam I have barely started to think about my exam?

I haven’t barely started to think about my exam. Correct: I have barely started to think about my exam.

What are negative English words?

Negations are words like no, not, and never.

Negative words:

  • No.
  • Not.
  • None.
  • No one.
  • Nobody.
  • Nothing.
  • Neither.
  • Nowhere.

What type of adverb is barely?

By a small margin. Almost not at all. “The plane is so far away now I can barely see it.”

Can barely sleep Meaning?

To have difficulty sleeping. Perhaps because you are excited over something or you are in pain. Example: “the kids can barely sleep because tomorrow we are taking them to Disneyland “

Can barely breathe meaning?

I can barely breathe means that someone’s struggling to breathe.

Can’t hardly grammar?

Hardly is an adverb that means barely, scarcely, or almost not. I can hardly wait means that you almost can’t wait—in other words, you are very excited about something and don’t want to wait for it. … There was also a 1998 movie called Can’t Hardly Wait, which probably added to the confusion.

Why do people spell barely barley?

Why “Barely” is an Adverb

Barely is used a lot. … It’s an adverb because it modifies verbs and adjectives (made, had, enough…) Why “Barley” is a Noun. Barley is a noun because it’s a real material.

What does barely half mean?

adv. 1 only just; scarcely.