How Do You Use But Alas?

we did some vital shopping this morning and this afternoon we were going to have a wonder into town but alas we were rained off. I was going to take loads of photos but alas, my camera battery packed up. I went on the assumption that this would be an easy thing to accomplish, but alas it was not.

Is it correct to say but alas?

It’s not redundant to use “but” before “alas” if you want to show a contrast in your writing. For instance, take a look at this title from The New York Times: She’s Lovely, But Alas, She’s Only Software. But you can also use “alas” alone.

Do people use alas?

It’s neither formal nor informal. It’s a word. As to its usage, it is a fairly old-fashioned sounding word. The usage has been in steady decline since the 19th century (according to the graph in the Google definition).

What is the interjections of Alas?

interjection. (used as an exclamation to express sorrow, grief, pity, concern, or apprehension of evil.)

Is alas a good word?

Letting out a breathy alas in the middle of your sentence may sound dramatic or old fashioned, but it’s actually an excellent way to emphasize extreme bewilderment, regret, concern, or woe.

What is word class for alas?

‘Alas’ is a part of speech called an interjection. Interjections are short exclamations that express feelings or emotions.

Can Alas be a sentence?

Alas Sentence Examples

Alas, I couldn’t keep her long as I wished. Alas, woman and child have missed their opportunity to share our company. But, alas, the danger was too great and I am a cautious man. When Lucien pressed him to “dare,” he replied “Alas, I have dared only too much already.”

Can Alas be used alone?

1 Answer. Yes, alas can be used as an interjection. Your example is fine: I couldn’t afford it.

Can Alas be used for happiness?

You use alas to say that you think that the facts you are talking about are sad or unfortunate. Alas, their happiness was not to last.

What is alas slang?

—used to express unhappiness, pity, or concern Life, alas, is too short. Alas. abbreviation.

How do you use alas in writing?

Alas sentence example

  1. Alas , I couldn’t keep her long as I wished. …
  2. Alas , woman and child have missed their opportunity to share our company. …
  3. But, alas , the danger was too great and I am a cautious man. …
  4. When Lucien pressed him to “dare,” he replied ” Alas , I have dared only too much already.”

Does a comma go after alas?

I am pretty sure “alas” is always followed by a comma.

What’s another word for alas?

In this page you can discover 29 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for alas, like: unfortunately, dear-me, lackaday, woe, gracious me, my-god, alack, sadly, regrettably, unluckily and pity.

Is Alas past tense?

The past tense of has is had.

What are assertive sentences?

An assertive sentence is a sentence that states a fact. Such sentences are simple statements. They state, assert, or declare something. They are also called declarative sentences. Assertive sentences usually end with a period or full stop.

What is the opposite of Alas?

Opposite of in a manner of bad luck, or due to an unlucky circumstance. fortunately. luckily. thankfully.

What does Alas mean in Shakespeare?

Shakespeare’s Vocab A – Z

Alas: An exclamation of sadness or regret.

Why are imperative sentences used?

Imperative sentences are used to issue a command or instruction, make a request, or offer advice. … Imperative sentences usually end with a period but can occasionally end with an exclamation point.

What is alas grammar?

The interjection alas expresses grief or regret resulting from something described. It’s essentially an archaic way of saying, “Oh no!”

What is the full form of Alas?

The Full form of ALAS is Automatic Landing Autopilot Subsystem, or ALAS stands for Automatic Landing Autopilot Subsystem, or the full name of given abbreviation is Automatic Landing Autopilot Subsystem.

Does Alas mean sadly?

alas | American Dictionary

used to express sadness or regret: Alas!

Can you put Alas at the end of a sentence?

This post is to set the record straight: alas is an interjection and usually used to express regret, like in the last sentence. Another example would be as follows: There is a beautiful pool at the hotel where we are staying, but, alas, I cannot swim.

What is interjection and examples?

An interjection is a word or phrase that expresses something in a sudden or exclamatory way, especially an emotion. Yikes, uh-oh, ugh, oh boy, and ouch are common examples of interjections. … Example: There was a chorus of angry interjections when the people in the audience heard that their taxes would be going up.