How Do You Use Spot In A Sentence?

  1. Fifty minutes later, she met Renata for dinner at a hot new spot on Pennsylvania Avenue. …
  2. Elvira’s penchant for ascribing accents was spot-on; she wouldn’t allow herself to be caught out. …
  3. Everything else about the picture was absolutely right, spot-on.

Is spot a verb or adjective?

spot (noun) spot (verb) spot (adjective) spot–check (verb)

What type of verb is spot?

spotted; spotting. Definition of spot (Entry 2 of 3) transitive verb. 1 : to stain the character or reputation of : disgrace. 2 : to mark in or with a spot : stain The snow was spotted with blood.

What does spot on mean in a sentence?

Spot-on means exactly correct or accurate. Schools were told their exam information had to be spot-on and accurate.

Is spot on an idiom?

Exactly right; perfectly accurate. Often hyphenated when used before a noun.

What is spot slang for?

Spot, American slang for a bill of currency, e.g., a “Ten spot” is $10.

Can you spot something meaning?

spot to see or notice somebody/​something, especially suddenly or when they are not easy to see or notice: I’ve just spotted a mistake on the front cover.

What is a 2 spot?

1 : an unimportant person or thing especially : a two of any card suit. 2 : a two-dollar bill.

How do you spot a verb?

Verbs always tell the time (also called the tense) of the sentence. The easiest way to find a verb in a sentence is to change the time of the sentence and find the word that changes.

What is to spot someone?

To lend one some amount of money, especially in an impromptu fashion and often without the expectation of being paid back.

What does spot on mean?

English Language Learners Definition of spot-on

: exactly correct : completely accurate.

What does spot up mean?

: to paste patches of thin paper on (a makeready sheet) so as to give more impression to certain printing areas in a form.

Where does the expression spot on come from?

I believe it means “on the mark” or “right on” etc. The origin is military. “Spot on” has a short entry in Eric Partridge, Dictionary of Catch Phrases: American and British, from the Sixteenth Century to the Present Day: “Right on the spot, orig. dead centre on target: RAF: WW2 and after.

What does I’ll spot you mean?

1. tv. to give an advantage to someone. I’ll spot you twenty points. 2. tv. to lend someone something.

What does it mean to spot someone points?

To lend one some amount of money, especially in an impromptu fashion and often without the expectation of being paid back.

What is a 5 spot?

Noun. 1. five-spot – a United States bill worth 5 dollars. five dollar bill, fiver. bank bill, bank note, banker’s bill, banknote, Federal Reserve note, government note, greenback, bill, note – a piece of paper money (especially one issued by a central bank); “he peeled off five one-thousand-zloty notes”

What does spot me mean?

It means to help someone in the gym. For example, someone is bench pressing a lot of weight, a person who is there to ‘spot’ them will be ready to take some of the weight if they need help.

What does spot mean in England?

spot in British English

(spɒt ) noun. a small mark on a surface, such as a circular patch or stain, differing in colour or texture from its surroundings.

What do you call something that is spot on?

unequivocal, faultless, on the money (informal), unerring, veracious.

What is the opposite of Spot?

Opposite of a small round or roundish mark, differing in color or texture from the surface around it. clarity. cleanliness. plainness. blank.

What’s the definition of a hunky dory?

: quite satisfactory : fine.

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