How Do You Use The Word Proponent?

Proponent in a Sentence ?

  1. Because April loves animals, she is a fierce proponent of the animal rights movement.
  2. Marie is such a proponent of water conservation that she only takes a shower once a week.

What is an example of proponent?

The definition of a proponent is someone who is in favor of something or who advocates for a cause. An example of a proponent is a person lobbying for gun reform. A person who makes a proposal or proposition.

What are proponents of something?

Proponent comes from the same Latin word as propose, so a proponent is someone who proposes something, or at least supports it by speaking and writing in favor of it.

Is it proponent of or proponent for?

proponent Add to list Share. Proponent means someone who is in favor of something. You might be a proponent of longer vacations, but your parents are proponents of a longer school year. If you’re in favor of long school vacations, you’re pro or “for” long vacations.

What is a sentence of proponent?

Proponent sentence example

He is a big proponent of developing time management skills, and he partners with the company Franklin Covey to provide time management products, like day planners and organizing products. Radin met and become close friends with Scrubs actor Zach Braff, who became a big proponent of his music.

What is the opposite of proponents?

Opposite of a person who advocates or supports a cause. adversary. antagonist. opponent. detractor.

What is the difference between advocate and proponent?

As nouns the difference between advocate and proponent

is that advocate is someone whose job is to speak for someone’s case in a court of law; a counsel while proponent is one who supports something; an advocate.

What is proponent in literature?

noun. a person who puts forward a proposition or proposal. a person who argues in favor of something; an advocate. a person who supports a cause or doctrine; adherent.

What does proponent information mean?

Proponent Information means as to the Proponent and any Shareholder Associated Person (defined herein) on whose behalf the nomination or proposal of other business is being made, (i) the name and address of the Proponent, and any holder of record of the Proponent’s shares of stock, as they appear on the Corporation’s …

What is proponent in business plan?

The business proponent must be vey precise about the target audience or target customers. Target Customers- must be sufficient size, sufficient paying capacity, and have sufficient interest to purchase the products being offered by the enterprise.

What’s the difference between component and proponent?

As nouns the difference between proponent and component

is that proponent is one who supports something; an advocate while component is component.

What is proponent in a project proposal?

Definition: Project Proponents are the entities or individuals organizing, proposing, or advocating a particular carbon offset project. The project proponents could be the project designer(s), developer(s) and/or investor(s), or other parties working on behalf of the project.

What are linear proponents?

Linear model was founded by Shannon and Weaver which was later adapted by David Berlo into his own model known as SMCR (Source, Message, Channel, Receiver) Model of Communication. Linear model is applied in mass communication like television, radio, etc.

What is a proponent in legal terms?

proponent n

1 : one who argues in favor of something. 2 : one who offers a will for probate.

What is the verb of proponent?

propose. (transitive) To suggest a plan, course of action, etc. (intransitive, sometimes followed by to) To ask for a person’s hand in marriage.

What is a project proponent?

A project proponent is the person that is responsible for carrying out a project and has the legal right to do so. … The project proponent can be a single person, multiple people or an organisation. If you own the land or are the leaseholder, you will generally have the legal right to conduct a project on your land.

What is the synonym of proponent?

nounperson who supports, advocates. backer. booster. champion. defender.

Can proponent be a noun?

PROPONENT (noun) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is a proponent of a bill?

Proponent means a party who puts forward a legal instrument for consideration or acceptance. The term is commonly used to refer to a person who offers a will for probate. The term ‘proponent’ can also be used to refer to a person who puts forward a proposal.

What is a key proponent?

n. 1 a person who argues in favour of something. 2 (Law) a person who seeks probate of a will. (C16: from Latin proponere to propose)

What does the word advocate?

1 : one who pleads the cause of another specifically : one who pleads the cause of another before a tribunal or judicial court. 2 : one who defends or maintains a cause or proposal an advocate of liberal arts education.

What is the best synonym for advocates?


  • backer.
  • campaigner.
  • defender.
  • lawyer.
  • promoter.
  • proponent.
  • supporter.
  • apostle.

What does formidable adversary mean?

1. Adversary, antagonist mean a person or a group contending against another. Adversary suggests an enemy who fights determinedly, continuously, and relentlessly: a formidable adversary.

What does Expounder mean?

1 a person who actively supports or favors a cause. an articulate expounder of the liberal position on the issue.