How Do You Use The Word Supposably In A Sentence?

If something can supposably happen, it means it is within the realm of possibility that it can happen. It is often used with words such as might, may, or could. For example, it is correct to say that a dog may supposably be friends with a cat.

Is Supposably a new word?

The site defines “supposably” as an adverb meaning “as may be assumed, imagined, or supposed.” The word is often heard in South Florida, where locals have long used “supposably” in lieu of “supposedly.” …

What is the right way to say supposedly?

Since most of the confusion around these words has to do with the pronunciation over the word, it makes sense to go through the proper way to pronounce supposedly. Its pronunciation is pretty phonetic: suh-poez-ed-ly.

How do you use supposedly?

Supposedly Sentence Examples

  1. Incidentally, he supposedly came on the radar as a result of a tip from this man or woman everyone’s read about; the so-called psychic tipster person.
  2. Donnie left with him, after supposedly gaining his mother’s approval.

What type of word is supposedly?

It is simple enough to point out that supposably and supposedly are just the adverbial forms of the adjectives supposable and supposed.

What’s another word for supposedly?

In this page you can discover 13 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for supposedly, like: apparently, probably, seemingly, supposably, allegedly, purportedly, believably, ostensibly, despot, ideologist and moralism.

Is supposed a correct word?

Suppose is a word used as a verb meaning “to assume that something is the case on the basis of evidence or probability but without proof or certain knowledge.” … On the other hand, supposed is a term used as an adjective meaning “generally assumed or believed to be the case, but not necessarily so.”

Is Supposively a word?

(nonstandard) Supposedly. People from other planets have supposively visited Earth in flying saucers.

What means nubbin?

1 : something (such as an ear of corn) that is small for its kind, stunted, undeveloped, or imperfect. 2 : a small usually projecting part or bit.

Where does Supposably come from?

The OED currently says that “supposably” means “as may be supposed; imaginably; presumably; supposedly.” But it notes that the word is now used “chiefly” in the United States. The OED’s first citation for “supposably” is from 1739 (the older “supposedly” dates from 1597).

Why was Supposably added to the dictionary? says the adverb “supposably” means “as may be assumed, imagined, or supposed.” It describes “finna” as “a phonetic spelling representing the African American Vernacular English variant of fixing to.” …

Is irregardless proper English?

Irregardless means the same thing as “regardless.” Yes, it’s a word. But major dictionaries label it nonstandard.

What is the difference between supposedly and supposed to be?

“Supposedly” is an adverb. “Supposed” is an adjective. They are two forms of the same word.

When can I use supposed in a sentence?

Use supposed to when saying what is the best thing to do in a situation; the correct way of doing things. For example, use supposed to for cultural rules and expectations. “You are not supposed to talk loudly in a library.” “I totally forgot I was supposed to call you last night, sorry.”

Had run or had ran?

Ran is the simple past form of the verb. With the auxiliary verb had you are using the past perfect tense. We use the past participle form of the main verb combined with the auxiliary verb in this tense. So, had run is the correct choice.

What is the meaning reportedly?

(rɪpɔːʳtɪdli ) adverb If you say that something is reportedly true, you mean that someone has said that it is true, but you have no direct evidence of it.

What does should be mean?

: that ought to be looking out for his should-be guardian.

Which is correct suppose or supposed?

Suppose vs. Supposed—Is There a Difference? Supposed to is part of a modal verb phrase meaning expected to or required to. … Suppose (without the d) should only be used as the present tense of the verb meaning to assume (something to be true).

What does supposedly mean vocabulary?

If you hear that something is supposedly going to happen, it may or may not occur. If a friend is supposedly having a pool party next week, wait until you know for sure before you buy that new swimsuit. When you add supposedly to a sentence, it means you aren’t sure.

What does mean supposedly?

: as is supposed : according to what is or was said, claimed, or believed by some a supposedly true story a supposedly good restaurant He had dozens of people around him, supposedly looking after him …—

What does Supposingly mean?

: if by way of hypothesis : on the assumption that supposing I did agree with you.