How Do You Use Unavailing In A Sentence?

  1. Their opposition proved unavailing . …
  2. These attacks were, however, unavailing to shake Crispis position, and in the general election of May 1895 his government obtained a majority of nearly 200 votes. …
  3. This time, however, his efforts were unavailing .

How do you use unavailing?

producing no result or effect.

  1. Diplomatic efforts at peace-making have so far proved unavailing.
  2. He died after a brave but unavailing fight against a terminal illness.
  3. Attempts to reach him by telephone were likewise unavailing.
  4. All our protests were unavailing.

What does abortive mean in English?

1 obsolete : prematurely born. 2 : fruitless, unsuccessful. 3 : imperfectly formed or developed.

What is another word for unavailable?

In this page you can discover 16 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for unavailable, like: married, available, unreachable, inaccessible, unattainable, out, nonexistent, out-of-the-way, taken, unaccessible and unapproachable.

What is the meaning of currently unavailable?

: not available: such as. a : not possible to get or use a book that is currently unavailable online The conference room is unavailable this afternoon. b : unable or unwilling to do something Officials were unavailable for comment.

What is abortive work?

Abortive work (or abortive costs or abortive fees) refers to work that has been started or carried out, but is not needed, or is no longer needed, and will not form part of the final development. The work will be wasted.

What does an abortive attempt mean?

An abortive attempt or action is unsuccessful. …an abortive attempt to prevent the current president from taking office. Synonyms: failed, failing, useless, vain More Synonyms of abortive.

What is meaning of floundered?

intransitive verb. 1 : to struggle to move or obtain footing : thrash about wildly The poor horse was floundering in the mud. 2 : to proceed or act clumsily or ineffectually the normally surefooted governor floundered a moment like a prize pupil caught unprepared — Time.

What is no purpose?

: to have no particular use or function : to not be useful or helpful in any way Arguing with him serves no purpose.

What does purposeless mean?

: having no purpose : aimless, meaningless.

What does Repine mean dictionary?

verb (used without object), re·pined, re·pin·ing. to be fretfully discontented; fret; complain.

Is Unvail a word?

Obsolete spelling of unveil.

What is the definition of bootless?

: useless, unprofitable a bootless attempt.

Is Fractiousness a word?

The quality or condition of being unruly: disorderliness, indocility, intractability, intractableness, obstinacy, obstinateness, obstreperousness, recalcitrance, recalcitrancy, refractoriness, uncontrollability, uncontrollableness, ungovernableness, unmanageability, unruliness, untowardness, wildness.

How do you use abortive in a sentence?

Abortive in a Sentence ?

  1. When the rebels’ plan to take over the castle proved abortive, they were caught and executed.
  2. The surgery was abortive and did not repair the damage to the man’s heart.
  3. Because of the stormy weather, the explorer’s trip to Antarctica was abortive.

What are abortive legal fees?

What is an abortive costs undertaking? The simple principle behind this is that essentially one party agrees to meet the other party’s costs, should they withdraw from the transaction. The way it works is by their solicitor giving a legally binding costs undertaking (i.e. promise to pay).

How do you define availability?

The definition of availability is whether someone or something can be accessed or used. An example of availability is when a classmate can meet to discuss a project on a certain date.

What availability means?

1 : the quality or state of being available trying to improve the availability of affordable housing. 2 : an available person or thing.

What is the opposite word of availability?

Opposite of the quality of being able to be used or obtained. unavailability. absence. absenteeism. nonattendance.

Why does my phone say I’m unavailable?

Cell phone calls designated as “Unavailable” on a phone’s caller ID are placed from an area or region from which your wireless service provider or phone company is unable to retrieve a phone number. … A “Restricted” phone call comes from a caller who has specifically blocked your phone from identifying his number.

What does currently unavailable mean on Amazon?

Temporarily Out of Stock. This item is currently not in stock but it is available for ordering. We’ll email you the expected delivery date as soon as that information is available from our suppliers. Currently unavailable. This item isn’t currently available for ordering and it may not be in stock again.

What to do if your FireStick says home is currently unavailable?

What to Do If You Encounter the “Home Is Currently Unavailable” Error?

  1. Unplug your router and Firestick and wait 30 seconds.
  2. Now, After you have re-plugged your router, do the same with your Fire Stick.
  3. Next, try accessing your apps and check if the error message is still there.

Is Repine a Scrabble word?

Yes, repine is in the scrabble dictionary.