How Long Did Shelli And Clay Date?

Shelli and her showmance, Clay Honeycutt, went on to date for 1 month after the season finale.

Are Matt and Raven still together?

While they are no longer romantically involved, Raven and Matt have fortunately remained friends.

Why did Nicole and Corey break up?

Nicole was named the season 18 champion, and dated Corey after their season ended. While the reason for the split is unknown, it is assumed that the distance between Michigan and Texas was too much for the duo to handle, making them another showmance ending in a breakup.

Are Dillon and Emily still together?

The finale of season 13 aired in September of 2011 and the couple got married in January of 2013. The pair were part of an alliance in the house and had previously competed on separate seasons.

Are McCrae and Amanda still together?

Amanda Zuckerman & McCrae Olsen

Status Today: They’re over! “After a lot of thought and discussion, McCrae and I have decided that it’s in both of our best interest to continue our relationship as friends,” Amanda shared on Twitter back in January 2014.

Which couples from Big Brother are still together?

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  • Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder from seasons 11 and 13 are married with children. …
  • Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly from seasons 12 and 13 are married. …
  • Daniele Donato and Dominic Briones from season 13 are married. …
  • Victor Arroyo and Nicole Franzel from season 18 are married.

Who was Nicole dating on Big Brother?

Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo have tied the knot. The Big Brother couple married in a small ceremony in Orange Lake, Florida, on Tuesday, according to multiple reports. Franzel, 28, and Arroyo, 29, met on Big Brother 18 in 2016 and started dating about a year later.

Did Nicole Franzel have her baby?

Big Brother alum Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo have welcomed their first child together. … On Friday, July 23, Victor announced the arrival of his and Nicole’s first son, Victor “Arrow” Arroyo IV, via Nicole’s Instagram page.

Did Will and Shannon date after Big Brother?

Shannon and Will (Season 2)

Even after Shannon was voted out of the house, after the show ended she continued her relationship with Will for a few months before breaking up. Today, Will is a successful dermatologist. He returned to the Big Brother house for the All-Stars season in 2006.

Does Raven really have gastroparesis?

Raven Walton, the “Big Brother 19” contestant who has gastroparesis and famously showed off her gastric pacemaker on the show, has undergone surgery to replace the pacemaker. Walton posted on Instagram on Monday that she would be having pacemaker replacement surgery the following day.

How old is Shelli Big Brother?

At 33 years old, Shelli is finally doing what she wants to do, so don’t get in her way.

Who won big brother17?

Jeff Schroeder sits down with BB17 winner Steve Moses for a post-finale interview. Steve, the Season 17 winner of Big Brother, talks about his game strategy, his admiration for Vanessa’s game play, and what winning the game truly means to him.

What happened to Liz and Austin from Big Brother?

Big Brother 17 alum Liz Nolan and Austin Matelson have officially ended their five-plus month whirlwind romance. Liz took to social media and explained that they are no longer together; however, they will always remain friends.

Did Victor and Nicole have a baby?

On Friday, Big Brother’s Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo welcomed their first child, son Victor “Arrow” Arroyo IV, the couple announced in a sweet Instagram post. Little Arrow arrived at 8:01 a.m. on July 23, weighing 6 lbs. 15 oz. and measuring 20 inches long.

Where does Nicole and Victor live?

The reality stars met during Big Brother 18 in 2016 and started dating about a year later. They got engaged during a guest appearance on the show in 2018 when Arroyo surprised her with an on-air proposal. They currently live in her hometown of Ubly, Michigan.

Who is Coconuts on Instagram?

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Did Nicole and Azan get married?

Despite speculation that the pair may have called it quits, Nicole revealed via Instagram in October 2020 that she and Azan were still engaged. Less than one year later, however, Nicole told Us that pair were officially over. “Azan and I have decided to go our separate ways.

Who is Christmas from Big Brothers baby daddy?

Big Brother 22: Christmas’ Complicated History With Baby Daddy Benjamin Bunn.

Did Chad and Sophie break up?

Sophie confirmed on her YouTube channel that the pair had split up due to long distance. “On that note a lot of people will be asking about myself and Chad but there are some elements of my life I want to keep private,” she said in July last year.

Are fessy and Haleigh still together?

After dating for nearly two years, Big Brother 20 stars Fessy Shafaat and Haleigh Broucher decided to part ways. Haleigh announced the separation on Instagram and Twitter, explaining they couldn’t maintain their long-distance relationship anymore, and “constant pressures online” proved a problem as well.

Are Natalie and James from Big Brother together?

In October 2016, Huling confirmed that he was in a relationship with former Big Brother 18 houseguest Natalie Negrotti, with whom he had an ongoing “showmance” throughout the season. In April 2017, Huling announced on Periscope that he and Negrotti had broken up.

Did James and Natalie stay together?

James Huling and Natalie Negrotti — Season 18

They continued to date after the show but called it quits shortly after the season ended. … Negrotti told Us Weekly in February 2019 that he is “not the kind of person that I want to associate with at all.”

Is Big Brother 17 good?

Season 17 was generally well-received by fans. The season featured entertaining twists, huge blindsides, and two alliances that heavily targetted each other. Many of the houseguests this season were incredibly well-liked, with a few even being invited back for future seasons.