In What Quadrants Is Sine Positive?

Since sine is the second coordinate on point P, it’s going to be positive whenever that point is above the x axis. That means quadrants 1 and 2. Those are the 2 quadrants that are above the x axis.

Is sine positive or negative in the second quadrant?

In the second quadrant (II), sine (and cosec) are positive. In the third quadrant (III), tan (and cotan) are positive. In the fourth quadrant (IV), cos (and sec) are positive.

In what quadrants is sine negative?

Explanation: Trigonometric functions sine and cosine are both positive in first quadrant but in third quadrant both are negative.

How do you know which quadrant is positive or negative?

In Quadrant I, both the x– and y-coordinates are positive; in Quadrant II, the x-coordinate is negative, but the y-coordinate is positive; in Quadrant III both are negative; and in Quadrant IV, x is positive but y is negative.

What is positive in the second quadrant?

Signs of Angles in Quadrants

In the second quadrant, only sine and cosecant (the reciprocal of sine) are positive. In the third quadrant, only tangent and cotangent are positive. Finally, in the fourth quadrant, only cosine and secant are positive.

Is the function cot t positive or negative in quadrant II?

In quadrant II, “Smart,” only sine and its reciprocal function, cosecant, are positive. In quadrant III, “Trig,” only tangent and its reciprocal function, cotangent, are positive.

Is the function tan T positive or negative in Quadrant IV?

for angles with their terminal arm in Quadrant III, since sine is negative and cosine is negative, tangent is positive. for angles with their terminal arm in Quadrant IV, since sine is negative and cosine is positive, tangent is negative.

Where is sin cos and tan positive?

Quadrants and the “cast” Rule

In the first quadrant, the values for sin, cos and tan are positive. In the second quadrant, the values for sin are positive only. In the third quadrant, the values for tan are positive only. In the fourth quadrant, the values for cos are positive only.

In which quadrant is the sine of an angle positive but its cosine is negative?

In general, if lies in the third quadrant, the acute angle θ − 180° is called the related angle for θ. Finally, if θ lies between 270° and 360° the corresponding point P is in the fourth quadrant. In this quadrant, we can see that the sine and tangent ratios are negative and the cosine ratio is positive.

What quadrant is 282 degrees in?

The angle is in the fourth quadrant.

In which quadrant is the point 2 3?

The point (2,−3) lies in the third quadrant.

Where is the 4th quadrant?

Quadrant IV: The fourth quadrant is in the bottom right corner of the plane. In this coordinate X has positive values and y has negative values.

What is the quadrant of 1 2?

Algebra Examples

The point is located in the second quadrant because x is negative and y is positive.

Why is COS and SEC always positive?

Answer: According to trigonometric ratios sin (-A) = sinA, then why does cos (-A)=cosA? … C means cos and it’s reciprocal sec is positive in 4th quadrant . … Sin(-A) = -SinA ,coz A lies in 4th quadrant.

Which quadrant is angle in?

Quadrants & Quadrantal Angles

Angles between 0∘ and 90∘ are in the first quadrant. Angles between 90∘ and 180∘ are in the second quadrant. Angles between 180∘ and 270∘ are in the third quadrant. Angles between 270∘ and 360∘ are in the fourth quadrant.

In which quadrants is abscissa of a point positive?

A coordinate is an ordered pair of numbers in which the first number is the abscissa i.e. the measurement along the X axis. So, the abscissa of the point is positive in the first and fourth quadrant.