Is Electrostatics Tough For JEE?

Strategic Guide for Conquering Physics

Mechanics, Electrodynamics, and Magnetism hold the major weightage. … Since you need to prepare for Chemistry and Mathematics as well, and assuming that your daily study time is an average of 12 hours, allow at least 4 hours for Physics.

How many questions are asked from electrostatics in JEE mains?

jee mains physics chapter Electrostatics questions with solutions. JEE Main paper includes 25 questions in the Physics section that carry 4 marks each.

Can I skip organic chemistry for JEE?

If you are happy enough with NITS or some state government engineering colleges through MAINS score, then yes you can clear it.

Which topic has highest weightage in JEE?

A. Chemistry is the most scoring subject with the average score being more than 35 marks; Mathematics on the other hand is the most difficult to score off averaging a little over 25.

Is electrodynamics easy for JEE?

Electrodynamics: This topic can be considered as a tough topic. And since its weightage in the JEE Advanced is very high, it can also be regarded as an important topic. So you must have a good command over it.

What are more important in physics?

The conserved quantities are the most important ones in physics; included among them are mass and energy (in relativity theory, mass and energy are equivalent and are conserved together), momentum, angular momentum, and electric charge.

Is physical chemistry important for JEE?

Q. Is physical chemistry important? Yes, every year 12 to 15 questions are asked from physical chemistry in JEE. In physical chemistry Mole concept, thermodynamics, electrochemistry, ionic equilibrium and solid-state are important.

Which chapters can I skip for JEE Mains 2021?


  • Heights and Distances. List of concepts. m-n Theorem. …
  • Properties of Triangles. List of concepts. Sine Rule. …
  • Trigonometric Ratio and Functions. List of concepts. Trigonometric Ratios of Combined Angles. …
  • Permutation and Combination. List of concepts. …
  • Mathematical Induction. List of concepts.

Is negative marking in JEE?

A. Yes. There is negative marking in JEE Main of -1 marks for every incorrect answer. There is no negative marking for unattempted questions & numerical value-based questions.

Is Physical Chemistry hard jee?

JEE is well known for its tough numericals- Be it Physics, Mathematics or Chemistry. But Physical Chemistry is the easiest of all three, because most questions asked from Physical Chemistry in JEE(Advanced) are simply based on formulae. … This is a simple chapter(although it might be looking tough right now).

Which is hardest subject in JEE?

Mathematics was the most difficult, while Physics was sandwiched between the two. Being the easiest subject, no candidate should neglect Chemistry as it will otherwise severely limit the chances of scoring a good rank in JEE Main.

Which is the toughest part in JEE?

Hardest topics in JEE Math:

  • Complex numbers : JEE syllabus includes properties of complex numbers, modulus and arguments of complex numbers and various forms of complex numbers. …
  • Probability and Statistics : …
  • Algebra: …
  • Trigonometry: …
  • Calculus: …
  • Sequence and series: …
  • Matrices:

What is the easiest topic in Physics?

Easier topics for JEE Physics which are high scoring too

  • Modern physics.
  • Current electricity.
  • Newton’s laws of motion.
  • Oscillations and sound.
  • Heat and thermodynamics.

Is modern physics in JEE Advanced?

JEE Advanced Important Questions of Modern Physics

Modern Physics is a very high scoring subject from the JEE Advanced syllabus.

Is modern physics important for JEE?

Modern Physics is an important constituent of JEE Advanced Physics. It is one of the scoring topics and should be given importance to avoid silly mistakes in the questions asked from it. Questions that are asked in JEE Main easy and anyone who has prepared well for the board exams can easily solve them.

Is magnetism and matter important for JEE Advanced?

Entire chapters of Magnetism and Matter, Semiconductors and Communication systems are not a part of JEE Advanced Physics syllabus. … From Optics, Diffraction and Polarisation are not asked in JEE Advanced.

How do you master magnetism?

Tips to master Electricity and Magnetism :

  1. Make proper use of Kirchoff’s Laws: …
  2. Getting the direction right: …
  3. Try to get a perspective from Energy Conservation: …
  4. Understand Things at a Microscopic Level: …
  5. Uniqueness Theorems: …
  6. Understand the concept of induced EMF properly: …
  7. Practice a lot in Magnetics:

Which chapters are included in electrodynamics?

The chapters come under electrodynamics for neet exam are as follows:

  • Electric Charges & Fields.
  • Electrostatic Potential & Capacitance.
  • Current Electricity.
  • Moving Charges & Magnetism.
  • Magnetism & Matter.
  • Electromagnetic Induction.
  • Alternating Current.
  • Electromagnetic Waves.

Can I skip integration for JEE?

Answer. The Most important and scoring part in Mathematics in Joint Entrance Examination is Calculus including Integration. Based on analysis,nearly 40-45% of the questions are asked from calculus.So skipping the Integration in Jee is not a good option either.

Can I skip rotational motion for JEE?

You can expect at most one question from this chapter in JEE . This chapter forms a basis for the next chapter called rotation ,which is quite important for JEE.So I would suggest you don’t skip this chapter. Concepts of circular motion will repeatedly come in Mechancis so don’t skip it.

Is friction important for JEE?

Important Topics in Friction

Friction does fall under the important topics, which help you in scoring for JEE. Following are the concepts that should be studied carefully: … Coefficient of friction, angle of repose, angle of friction.