Is It Unpassable Or Impassable?

not passable; not allowing passage over, through, along, etc.: Heavy snow made the roads impassable. unable to be surmounted: an impassable obstacle to further negotiations.

What is something impassable?

: incapable of being passed, traveled, crossed, or surmounted.

What is a good sentence for impassable?

1. The river’s broad mudflats were thought completely impassable. 2. The mud made the roads impassable.

How do you use impassable in a sentence?

Impassable sentence example

  1. A few of the large streams may, when in flood, spr. …
  2. The creek was an impassable flood in winter but easily fordable in summer. …
  3. Steamers ply on both lakes, but the channel is rendered impassable by a rapid near the town of Tipitapa, at its northern extremity.

What is the opposite of impassable?

Opposite of impossible to travel along or over. negotiable. passable. penetrable. permeable.

What is the root or base word of impassable?

When you break apart the word impassable, it’s pretty easy to figure out what it means. The im- prefix, a variant of in-, may be familiar to you as a way to say “not.” And passable is likely pretty familiar too, referring to something that can be crossed.

What means trackless?

British Dictionary definitions for trackless

trackless. / (ˈtræklɪs) / adjective. having or leaving no trace or traila trackless jungle. (of a vehicle) using or having no tracks.

What does impotent mean in English?

1a : not potent : lacking in power, strength, or vigor : helpless. b : unable to engage in sexual intercourse because of inability to have and maintain an erection broadly : sterile.

What does the word impassible mean?

1a : incapable of suffering or of experiencing pain. b : inaccessible to injury. 2 : incapable of feeling : impassive. impassible. adjective (2)

How do you use the word bloat in a sentence?

1) Her body bloated and puffed up till pain seemed to burst out through her skin. 2) The cow’s stomach was bloated from eating the wet fodder. 3) I felt bloated after the huge meal they’d served.

How do you use innovation in a sentence?

Innovation in a Sentence ?

  1. The innovation of brilliant minds is what grants humanity amazing technology such as space flight or the internet.
  2. It was the innovation of both Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison that gave us electricity as we know it today.

What does impassable bridge mean?

adjective. If a road, path, or route is impassable, it is impossible to travel over because it is blocked or in bad condition.

What is the synonym of impossible?

unimaginable, impractical, inaccessible, unworkable, unreasonable, preposterous, impassable, insurmountable, hopeless, futile, useless, unattainable, inconceivable, unthinkable, absurd, ludicrous, outrageous, unacceptable, visionary, offensive.

What is prefix example?

A prefix is an affix which is placed before the stem of a word. Adding it to the beginning of one word changes it into another word. For example, when the prefix un- is added to the word happy, it creates the word unhappy.

What are the most common prefixes?

The four most common prefixes are dis-, in-, re-, and un-. (These account for over 95% of prefixed words.)

Can an impotent man make a woman pregnant?

Most of the time, men with erectile dysfunction aren’t able to have sex and therefore cannot get their partners pregnant. However, if you’re able to maintain an erection long enough to have sexual intercourse, you may still be able to get your partner pregnant.

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