Is May A Good Time To Go To The Whitsundays?

Most tourism experts cite September (early spring) as the ideal time of year to visit the Whitsundays. September provides sunny days and the least expected rainfall, with temperatures around a maximum of 26°C. Humidity is low this time of year, and the water is generally perfect for swimming and snorkelling.

Can you swim at Airlie Beach in May?

Can You Swim In The Whitsundays? The short answer is, yes! The Whitsundays are one of nature’s biggest playgrounds with 74 islands, dozens of beaches and kilometres of reefs teeming with marine life. Unparalleled in its appeal to snorkelers, scuba divers and boaties, it is an aquatic paradise.

Can you swim in the Whitsundays in summer?

During the summer months when the ocean is warm, the waters of the Whitsundays experience an increased presence of the small transparent jellyfish – Irukandji. With this in mind, please avoid swimming on secluded beaches and always swim in the presence of others.

Are there crocodiles in Whitsundays?

Crocodiles. Large, salt-water (estuarine) crocodiles live in the waters around the Whitsundays and can attack without warning. Old adults can be nearly 4m in length. These predators are present and hunting at most times of the year, but particularly around summer wet seasons, and are difficult to see in the water.

Is there sharks in the Whitsundays?

The most common sharks around the Whitsunday islands are harmless reef sharks such as Whitetips, Blacktips and Wobbegongs (an aboriginal name meaning shaggy beard). It’s highly likely that when you meet a shark while snorkelling or diving, they will swim away.

Are there Box jellyfish in the Whitsundays?

Remember, though many species of jellyfish are harmless, we must be very aware that the Irukandji, box jellyfish and other more dangerous species are found in the Whitsundays.

What is the best time of year to visit the Whitsundays?

Early spring, specifically the month of September, is considered the best time to visit the Whitsundays. Everything aligns in September thanks to the consistently sunny weather, low humidity, light trade winds and perfect conditions for swimming, snorkelling and diving.

Are there any crocodiles at Airlie Beach?

Are There Crocodiles In Airlie Beach

The simple answer is no, there are not commonly crocodile sightings in Airlie Beach. However, it has happened. Most commonly, crocodiles that are spotted around the Airlie Beach area are in marinas such as Coral Sea Marina. While it is extremely rare, it can always be a possibility.

Can you swim on Whitehaven Beach?

The short answer is yes! The balmy tropical waters surrounding Whitehaven Beach remain at a pretty constant 26 degrees year-round and the picture-perfect setting makes this one of the best places to swim in the Whitsundays.

What is better Daydream Island or Hamilton Island?

Both are very touristy, but at least Hamilton is big enough that you could find some space of your own! Daydream is great, but the resort is really ‘it’ – there’s not much else to the island as such.

Is Whitehaven Beach Safe?

This is a relatively safe beach as long as you can swim. The waves are usually low and the water calm, however it is deep right off the beach at high tide and off the bar at low tide. Many tourists attempt to swim to and from the boats; make sure you are a strong swimmer if doing so.

Can you swim in Whitsundays in April?

April is the end of stinger season, but I wouldnt swim without wearing a suit. You can rent them on the island. Better be safe than sorry. Hamilton Island is a great destination for a holiday if you are after sun, swim and snorkeling.

Are there Stingers at Hamilton Island?

Do you get stingers on Hamilton Island? Summer is traditionally stinger season in Tropical North Queensland, however on Hamilton Island, being as far offshore as we are, we do not have a problem with the Box Jellyfish.

What is there to do in Whitsundays?

With this in mind, here’s our list of the Top 10 Things to do in the Whitsundays.

  • Whitehaven Beach. …
  • Outer Barrier Reef. …
  • Great Barrier Reef Scenic Flights. …
  • Whitehaven Beach Ocean Rafting Tours. …
  • Overnight Reef Cruise. …
  • Hamilton Island. …
  • Whitsunday Sailing Adventures. …
  • Whitsunday Jet Ski Tours.

Are the Whitsundays worth it?

Even if you don’t take a boat tour but just take the ferry to Hamilton Island, visiting the Whitsundays is expensive. So as budget travelers it was definitely more than we usually spend. … So we would say yes it is worth visiting the Whitsundays.

How long drive from Cairns to Whitsundays?

We recently drove between Cairns and the Whitsundays, which usually takes us about 8 hours (620 kms) with a couple of short stops along the way.

Can you swim at Airlie Beach in July?

July is a warm and slightly rainy time for sunbathing in Airlie Beach. July is a good month for swimming in Airlie Beach with warm sea temperatures. Consider visiting Airlie Beach in the months of August, September, October, December, for the best beach weather.

Is Port Douglas or Airlie Beach better?

Port Douglas wins the battle for food and Airlie Beach wins the battle for drinks. Port Douglas has lots of exquisite restaurants that cater to the fine dining market. Due to the pressure to compete in the town, all of the restaurants offer incredible dining experiences.

What is stinger season in Whitsundays?

Stinger season in the Whitsundays runs from late October to May. We have two species of stingers that create the primary concern for visitors – the box jellyfish and the much smaller and almost impossible to see, Irukandji.

What happens when you get stung by a irukandji jellyfish?

The symptoms of an Irukandji jellyfish sting are not immediate and may appear 5 to 45 minutes after the initial sting. Signs and symptoms can include: • severe backache or headache • shooting pains in their muscles, chest and abdomen • nausea • anxiety • restlessness • vomiting • breathing difficulties.

Why is the water so blue in the Whitsundays?

Very fine sediment suspended in the region’s waters scatters sunlight as it penetrates the water, creating the shade of blue that makes the Whitsundays famous.

Is it safe to snorkel in the Whitsundays?

The simple answer is no – the Great Barrier Reef is not dangerous. Full of life with beautiful marine animals and plants, it’s a safe place to visit and is one of the most unforgettable marine destinations in the world! However, your safety depends largely on how you act while you’re here.

Are there sharks at Whitehaven Beach?

Whitehaven Beach is perhaps best known for its dazzling white sand, crystal clear waters and perfect photographic opportunities, but is often a good place to see sharks. It’s home to both blacktip reef sharks and baby lemon sharks, which use the calm and shallow waters waters as a nursery.