Is Swain A Bad Support?

“The more they try to kill me the more they reveal I am on the right path.” I always believed that Swain was an excellent support. He has poke, slow, stun, vision, sustain and an area of effect ultime.

Is Swain ADC or support?

Swain as APC is really powerful off meta pick, it’s really good in short range ADC’s and melee supports.

Is Swain a support Reddit?

He has a root and his passive pairs well with Adc’s that can root or apply other CC that works with his passive. He can build tanky or damage depending on team comp and has great survivability against aggressive supports.

What type of support is Swain?

Swain is a weird hybrid of a mage and an engage support, he has burst in the laning phase with a great CC all in combo and transitions into being a pseudo-tanky battle mage that can fight up close.

Is Swain good Reddit?

Swain isn’t really good as a solo laner(in my opinion because of how high his cooldowns are leaving you vulnerable and also the lack of mobility) but he’s a busted support and can 1v9 carry games even when behind early. My favorite synergy with swain is fiddle, that double ult combo can literally 2v5 fights.

What should I build on Jinx?

Jinx Item Build

  • Berserker’s Greaves.
  • Kraken Slayer.
  • Runaan’s Hurricane.
  • Infinity Edge.
  • Rapid Firecannon.
  • Mortal Reminder.

Is Swain support good s11?

Swain Build 11.17 ranks as an A-Tier pick for the Support role in Season 11. This champion currently has a Win Rate of 54.24% (Good), Pick Rate of 1.16% , and a Ban Rate of 0.55% (Low).

Does Swain use mana?

Swain unleashes several bolts of eldritch power in front of him, each damaging the first enemy struck. Enemies can intercept multiple bolts, but only take full damage from the first. Bolts pierce through units they kill, restoring a portion of Swain’s mana.

Why is swain so strong in low Elo?

Swain’s success in low elo is preventing him from receiving attention. Last patch Swain’s midlane winrate was above 54% in Iron, Bronze and Silver. 52.73% in Gold.

Is Swain good high ELO?

Swain’s kit has its strengths and it’s weaknesses and buffing the champion in his current state would not only break him in low elo but might even be a problem in high elo. Swain in the support role shows that the kit can be strong even in the early game, but it also shows how dependent it is.

What type of damage does Swain do?

Active: Swain unleashes five bolts of eldritch power in a cone in the target direction, dealing magic damage to all enemies within. Enemies can be hit by multiple bolts, taking bonus magic damage.

Is Swain a Tanky?

This post is mainly for new Swain players getting into the champion, but is a good reminder for anyone. Swain’s rework changed him from a drain tank (kinda like Vlad but with less damage) to a burst/control mage. He is not designed to sustain extended damage/long trades.

What is the best Swain skin?

Northern Front Swain is the recommended skin given its interesting concept and good balance of price versus features offered. The frost concept is superficial but present while the adaptation to the cold is done with a few extra touches that make the skin more appealing.

What is the Swain combo?

Swain · Combos

For an aggressive engage W then E after it lands. When you confirm E will hit, Q F instantly followed by a quick R1. Use your passive before the root expires then AA until your next Q cooldown, then instantly Q R2 for the execute. To ensure your engage lands E then W.

Is Swain still good mid?

In addition, Swain is an insane team fighter with a very strong mid-game power spike. Not only that, but with the right runes his early game is good in some situations, and he is a joy to gank for with his Ravenous Flock passive.

Is Swain a good top Laner?

Why Play Swain

Many top laners spend much of the mid game split pushing, which don’t get me wrong is a viable strategy, but that hinders your ability to impact team fights. Swain on the other hand will bring an immense amount of utility to team fights. Consider several areas that he excels in.

Is Swain mid viable?

Hey all, Swain is a champion I’ve always loved – but to be honest he’s been pretty garbage for awhile. However, recently, he got a mini-rework, which boosted him into being both a viable support and midlaner.

Is Swain a mage?

Swain is a lifesteal mage, just like he was before.