Is There A Plant That Smells Like Chocolate?

Like most Hoyas, the flowers are strongly scented; unlike most Hoyas, I don’t like the scent. It’s floral, and sort of makes me think of some kind of very strong carnation-rose combination, similar to H. lacunosa, but it has an extra something going on that makes me find it unpleasant.

What is the most fragrant Hoya?

Fragrant – Scented Hoyas

  • Hoya onychoides (4″ pot) …
  • Hoya persicina (4″ pot) (imperfections) …
  • Hoya pimenteliana (4″ pot) …
  • Hoya pubicalyx ‘Red Button’ (2.5″ pot) …
  • Hoya rigida EPC-1039 (red leaves) (4″ pot) …
  • Hoya rigida EPC-1039 (red leaves) (4″ pot) (dollar giveaway) (only one dollar giveaway per person) …
  • Hoya sp.

What does Hoya multiflora smell like?

Each of the Hoya Multiflora has a brown core, and each cluster contains up to forty fragrant flowers. The flowers are 0.63-0.8 inches (1.6cm – 2.0cm) in length, heavily fragrant, rocket-like, and contain lots of nectar. Especially late at night or early in the morning, they have an indistinct lemon like smell.

Are all Hoyas fragrant?

Hoya plants produce a very wide variety of fragrances. The hoya plants flower scent strength varies depending upon your growing environment and other factors. Collectors use terms such as chocolate, citrus, vanilla, orange, lemon and other terms to describe the scents of the wax plants.

Do Hoyas smell good?

Commonly called wax plant because of its waxy, fragrant flowers, Hoya carnosa makes an eye-catching houseplant. When it flowers, the blooms emit a sweet scent, usually at night. Even when not in bloom, its thick, shiny, variegated foliage decorates your indoor garden.

What is Hoya sweet scent?

Description. Hoya Sweet Scent is a woody, epiphyte or scrambling shrub with reflexed flowers that have sort of creamy corolla with pink tips and the corona is pink with lighter tips. … This is a hoya that produces a lot of nectar and the flowers last 4-5 days.

Is Hoya Bella fragrant?

Hoya bella is a member of the Asclepiadaceae; a plant family characterized by pollinia. … Luckily Hoya bella has sweetly fragrant flowers in the evening. Hoya bella has a vining habit, characterized by paired, medium green, succulent leaves which hang gracefully over the edge of its container.

Is Hoya Pubicalyx fragrant?

Flowering And Fragrance

The fragrant flowers are dusty pink and star-shaped. The flowers are incredibly fragrant in the evening hours. There are several other varieties of Hoya pubicalyx.

Is Hoya Obovata rare?

Hoya obovata – 2.5″

This is a rare flowering house plant. … Hoya are tropical floral house plants. These houseplants are relatively easy to grow because they are epiphytic and semi-succulent.

What do Hoya krimson princess flowers smell like?

This tropical succulent wax flower has pretty variegated leaves and produces pink clusters of flowers when mature that smell like chocolate. This is an easy to grow plant for beginners.

What is Hoya krinkle 8?

Hoya carnosa ‘Krinkle 8’ is a wild cultivar of the classic Wax Plant. Its thick, waxy leaves are puckered and folded slightly inward, looking almost like a cross between the standard carnosa and another famous cultivar, the Hindu Rope Hoya.

What type of wild flower smells like chocolate?

1. Chocolate Daisy. It is also known as the chocolate flower (Berlandiera lyrata) due to its delicious chocolate like smell. It is a yellow-flowering perennial nectar plant that not only smells good to humans, but is also an allurement for bees, bumblebees, and butterflies.

What plant makes chocolate?

Chocolate is made from cacao, which comes from the seeds of the Theobroma cacao tree. (The Greek word Theobroma literally translates to “food of the gods.”) This species of tree thrives in tropical rainforests in Central and South America.

What flower smells like death?

The endangered Sumatran Titan arum, a giant foul-smelling blossom also known as the corpse flower, went into a rare, short bloom at a botanical garden in Warsaw, drawing crowds who waited for hours to see it.

Is Hoya Bella an epiphyte?

Hoya bella, the beautiful hoya, waxflower or pretty waxflower, is a species of tropical epiphyte with trailing stems, slightly succulent leaves and pendant umbels of fragrant, white and purple flowers. It is an asclepiad in the periwinkle and milkweed family, Apocynaceae.

Is hoya an epiphyte?

Most hoyas are epiphytes, so they grow best in a lightweight, coarse growing medium that allows good contact between the plant’s roots and the surrounding air. (You can make your own. Combine two parts soilless mix with one part fine-grained bark mix for a custom blend perfect for most epiphytes.)

Does Hoya Bella grow fast?

Hoyas are known for being low-maintenance plants, but slow growers, which often makes people think they are hard to grow. Hoya bella, however, grows much faster than other Hoyas.

How fast does Hoya Obovata grow?

It is a very easy going plant with thick, leathery, succulent oval leaves which are often speckled with white or pink markings. And after the plant is at least 2-3 years or so, you will be rewarded with beautiful clusters of pink flowers.

How do you care for a Hoya Pachyclada?

Hoya pachyclada prefers a few hours of direct sun or dappled sun when kept indoors. Though it will survive in bright indirect light only, giving it a few hours of sun will boost growth and encourage flowering. Indoors, a sunny window with eastern western exposure is a great spot. Avoid intense afternoon sun.

What is the difference between Hoya krimson Princess and Queen?

What is the difference between Hoya Krimson Queen and Krimson Princess? The main difference between Hoya Krimson queen and Princess is, Krimson Princess has creamy leaves with a green margin and Krimson Queen has green leaves with a white margin.

Can Hoya live indoors?

All are tough plants and can be grown indoors or outside, in warm frost-free environments. They’re tolerant of mid-levels of light (although need moderate light or some morning sun to flower well) and prefer to be kept in the same pot for years – less repotting for you, woohoo!

Do wax flowers have a scent?

Can you smell it? The unique fresh scent of waxflower is due to the stem’s oil glands which give off a pleasant aroma when crushed. Its hardiness especially when out of water for long periods of time, have made it a popular accent flower in bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres and floral crowns.