Is There A Word Prevalent?

Predominant is a derivative of predominate and, by extension, dominate. Predominant, however, is an adjective describing something or someone with the greatest importance, influence, or power. It can also be used to describe something that is most common.

What is does predominant mean?

1 : having superior strength, influence, or authority : prevailing. 2 : being most frequent or common.

Can you say more predominant?

Predominant and predominate are synonymous adjectives. Predominant is the older and much more common form. A number of handbooks and commentators hold predominate to be a mistake—a few insisting that the word is only a verb. But they are wrong.

How do you use the word predominant in a sentence?

Predominant sentence example

  1. Calcareous lands are predominant , especially in the uplands. …
  2. Various types of granite are the predominant variety. …
  3. The ultimate cause of the predominant form of federal government may be the geographical diversity of the country.

What does predominant mean in Romeo and Juliet?

predominant. having superior power and influence.

Can a person be predominant?

The adjective predominant describes a person or thing with great power or influence, or something that is prevalent. It comes from the Latin prefix prae-, “before,” and dominari, “to rule.” For example, because so many people like hip-hop, it might be the predominant music heard at a school dance.

What are predominant traits?

adjective. having ascendancy, power, authority, or influence over others; preeminent. preponderant; prominent: a predominant trait; the predominant color of a painting.

What does preponderant mean in English?

1 : having superior weight, force, or influence. 2 : having greater prevalence.

What percentage is predominant?

Predominantly means 60 percent or more. Predominantly means at least 50 percent of the time. Predominantly means a majority greater than 50 percent.

What is predominant vs dominant?

1 Answer. Dominant may be more used in influence. Predominant might be used more to mean ‘more frequent’ or ‘more common’. e.g. the most predominant colour in this room is beige.

What does the word predominantly mean in a sentence?

Predominantly, an alternative spelling for predominately, is defined as mostly or mainly. If there are more women working in a profession then men, this is an example of a profession that is predominantly female. adverb.

How do you use the word prevalent?

Prevalent Sentence Examples

  1. The custom is prevalent in today’s society.
  2. That opinion is prevalent today.
  3. The prevalent winds, which temper the heat, are the S.E.
  4. This attitude was still prevalent in the last Gulf war.
  5. They held the prevalent notion of how a rock band should be.

What does the word prevalent most nearly mean?

1 : generally or widely accepted, practiced, or favored : widespread. 2 : being in ascendancy : dominant. 3 archaic : powerful.

What is the verb of prevalent?

prevail. (intransitive) To be superior in strength, dominance, influence or frequency; to have or gain the advantage over others; to have the upper hand; to outnumber others. (intransitive) To be current, widespread or predominant; to have currency or prevalence.

What is an example of predominant?

The definition of predominant is the most common or having authority or influence over others. An example of predominant used as an adjective is the phrase predominant species which means the species with the highest population in a particular area. … The predominant theory in the field.

What do you mean by recessive trait?

A recessive trait is the weak, unexpressed trait of a dichotomous pair of alleles (dominant-recessive) that has no effect in the phenotype of heterozygous individuals.

What is predominant culture?

A dominant culture is one that has established its own norms, values, and preferences as the standard for an entire group of people.

What part of speech is the word predominantly?

PREDOMINANTLY (adverb) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is the verb from of predominantly?

The verb form is predominate.

What does the word robustly mean?

1. Full of health and strength; vigorous. See Synonyms at healthy. 2. Powerfully built; sturdy: a robust body.

What name does Tybalt call Romeo?

Tybalt calls Romeo a “villain” because he is a Montague and a sworn enemy of the Capulets. Tybalt has nothing but contempt and hatred for Romeo, who snuck into his uncle’s ball. Once Tybalt overhears Romeo’s voice, he vows to get revenge and eventually challenges Romeo to a duel.

What does exile mean in Romeo and Juliet?

exile. the act of expelling a person from their native land.

What does discourses mean in English?

1 : verbal interchange of ideas especially : conversation. 2a : formal and orderly and usually extended expression of thought on a subject. b : connected speech or writing. c : a linguistic unit (such as a conversation or a story) larger than a sentence.

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