Should I Kill Pious KCD?

Antonius will give you a healing potion and an antidote (use the antidote immediately to get rid of the poison). Initially, agree to Antonius’s plan and then kill him. Once you agree to help him escape the monastery (and you will receive both potions), wait until Antonius goes to rest.

How do I get pious to Rattay?

You get the option to stage his death and escape the monastery with him. When you have escaped, he presumes you two part ways. You now have the option to betray him and bring him in to Rattay.

Where do you hide a pious body?

Hide in the small room and wait for a couple of hours. When you come out there should be a single guard investigating the body by the door (which he has opened). Hide behind the pillar in the basement and whistle to get his attention.

How do you capture pious?

Needle in a Haystack quest guide:

  1. Talk to Novice Antoninus.
  2. Take or skip the tour, then speak to Antoninus again and tell him you intend to kill Pious.
  3. Go about your day until meal time.
  4. Agree to Antoninus’ deal.
  5. Sneak downstairs during the night and add blood to the shopping list.
  6. Get the key from the back room.
  7. Go to bed.

Who is pious?

If someone is deeply religious and visibly follows all the moral and ethical codes of his religion, he is pious. … Pious comes from the Latin pius, which means dutiful.

How do you sneak into the monastery kingdom come?

All you have to do to skip the entire monastery quest. Before you go to the person to get the letter of admittance for the monastery. Wait until night and sneak through the door to the monastery by the side where the guard for the tunnels is. Then you will just sneak up into the sleeping quarters and kill the novices.

What is the meaning of finding a needle in a haystack?

Definition of a needle in a haystack

informal. : someone or something that is very hard to find Searching for your earring at the park will be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

How do you steal from Manfred?

When you’ve persuaded Guardian Manfred, he’ll go and stand outside, leaving you to speak to Karl. Tell Karl that you need to get into the monastery and agree to help him escape. To do this, you’ll have to steal his writ of acceptance and a purse of money from Manfred.

Where is the key in the kitchen kingdom come?

It’s best to do this when the meals are served (the kitchen and the storeroom are empty during that time) or during the night. Reach the last room of the storage room. The key is lying on the shelf shown in the above screenshot, in a dimly lit place.

Where is the Abbots bedroom KCD?

The one in the Abbots Chambers is in the furthest bedroom with the full size bed. The page is in the corner, on a table that is hidden away behind the bed. Yes as I said with the treasure map. That isn’t the Prior’s chambers, that’s the Abbot’s chambers.

How do you kill Antonius?

Steal a weapon (either Siskin’s dagger or Antonius’ dagger) and finish him off with Stealth Kill; sneak out of the monastery to get your own weapons, or else knock him out and murder him with your bare hands.

How do you make a bucks blood potion?


  1. Pour oil in caudron.
  2. Add Comfrey to dish.
  3. Grind St. John’s wort in mortar and pestle.
  4. Add ground St John’s wort to dish.
  5. Add dish of herbs to cauldron.
  6. Boil for one turn of the sandglass.
  7. Allow cauldron to cool fully.
  8. Add Dandelion.

Is pious an insult?

Pious can be used positively to describe those who are dutiful or virtuous, or things that are worthy. And it can be used negatively to describe hypocrisy.

What does pious woman mean?

adj. 1 having or expressing reverence for a god or gods; religious; devout. 2 marked by reverence. 3 marked by false reverence; sanctimonious. 4 sacred; not secular.

What is the opposite pious?

Opposite of following the precepts of a religious practice. impious. irreligious. ungodly. unholy.

How do you make a digestive potion?


  1. Pour Spirits in cauldron.
  2. Grind two handfuls Chamomile in the mortar and pestle.
  3. Add Chamomile to cauldron.
  4. Add Mint to cauldron.
  5. Boil for one turn of the Sandglass.
  6. Collect using phial.

How do you make a cockerel potion?


  1. Pour Spirits in cauldron.
  2. Grind two handfuls of Mint in the mortar and pestle.
  3. Add ground mint to cauldron.
  4. Boil for one turn of the sandglass.
  5. Add Valerian to cauldron.
  6. Boil for two turns of the sandglass.
  7. Distill.
  8. Collect using phial.

How many main missions are in Kingdom Come: Deliverance?

Main Quests are quests that form the main storyline in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. There are 29 Main Quests, with 4 Side Quests integrated into the main story.

How do you make a padfoot potion?


  1. Pour Water into cauldron.
  2. Add Cobweb and Eyebright.
  3. Boil for three turns of the Sandglass.
  4. Grind Valerian in mortar and pestle then add it to the cauldron.
  5. Boil for one turn of the Sandglass.
  6. Allow cauldron to cool fully.
  7. Grind and add Chamomile.
  8. Distill.

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