Cleethorpes Dog Friendly Walks Cleethorpes Beach. Cleethorpes Walking and Heritage trails. North East Lincolnshire discovery Routes. Cleethorpes Country Park + swimming Lake. Miles and miles of dog friendly beaches. Dog friendly restaurants. Can you go on the beach at Cleethorpes? Cleethorpes beach is a long stretch of picturesque coastline. YouRead More →

Humans have 9,000 different taste buds while canines have about 1,700. So, while dogs might taste the bitter flavor that accompanies spicy foods, it won’t taste as strong to them. However, as mentioned previously, dogs will certainly experience the burning sensation that accompanies spicy foods. Do animals like spicy food?Read More →

MILK DUDS Candy is made with chocolate and caramel. Are Milk Duds being discontinued? Hershey’s Milk Duds This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available. Are Milk Duds yummy? This is the first time that I have tried these Milk Duds Chocolate with Caramel insideRead More →

Hours of Operation Open from early May until Columbus Day. The Long Point Boat Launch Site, Chaumont Boat Launch Site: Boat Launches are open year round from dawn to dusk. Waterfowl hunting is permitted in season by permit only. Does Selkirk have a beach? It was really hot and oneRead More →

Just because dogs don’t appreciate the entire spectrum of color that humans do, that does not mean they are unable to perceive different colors. They just may not see the “true” color of an object. For example, the color red appears dark brownish-gray or black to a dog. What colorRead More →

Additionally, jicama contains a type of fiber called inulin. Studies show that inulin can increase the frequency of bowel movements by up to 31% in those with constipation ( 15 ). Jicama is also high in water, which may help ease constipation. Is the skin of jicama poisonous? Only theRead More →

Sing. This is probably the hardest trick to teach a dog, as you need to find the right song that will motivate him to sign. This is going to be especially difficult to teach a quiet dog. If your dog howls or barks often, it may be easier to teachRead More →

Instead of lugging a picnic around the Park or having to go back to the car whenever someone’s hungry, you can take a pit stop at one of our many refreshment kiosks or seated food outlets. Is the eagle’s claw still at Lightwater Valley? The ride was confirmed to beRead More →

Types of Fish That Aren’t Safe for Dogs Shark. Tilefish. Swordfish. King mackerel. Albacore tuna (canned) What seafood is bad for dogs? The risk for parasitic infection is high with raw fish and shellfish, despite the stronger stomach acids dogs possess. As mentioned above, raw salmon is especially dangerous forRead More →