Scientific evidence suggests that Madagascar originated from a severe earthquake that separated it from Africa about 200 million years ago. This separation from continental mainland caused the island to drift 250 miles northeast and settled for about 35-45 million years. When did Madagascar separate from Africa? The split between AfricaRead More →

“The bottom line answer is that it was too expensive. Way too expensive,” former NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory system engineer Mark Adler wrote in 2015. “The shuttle never met its promise for low-cost access to space by virtue of the system’s reusability.” What happened to the space shuttle program? TheRead More →

But despite reaching the Super Bowl twice with the New England Patriots and once with the Denver Broncos, Welker has no championship ring to call his own: the Patriots were defeated in Super Bowls 42 and 46 by the New York Giants, while the Broncos stood no chance against theRead More →

Weiss, made the production feel very much like a different show than the one he’d originally joined. O’Connell wanted to cease being a series regular and try to launch a film career but was willing to make a few appearances to not leave fans hanging about Quinn’s fate. However, thereRead More →

Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died hours apart on the same day: July 4, 1826, the 50th anniversary of American independence. … Less than a year before John Wilkes Booth killed Abraham Lincoln, Booth’s brother Edwin saved the life of Lincoln’s eldest son, Robert. Is the science behind Coincidence? CoincidencesRead More →

Jeff Zausch nearly tapped out during his 60-day survival venture in the Philippines on Season 5, Episode 8 of “Naked and Afraid XL: Jeff’s Worst Nightmare” because of a medical emergency. He clearly survived the episode to talk about it. He was interviewed by East Idaho News at the endRead More →

However, the Council did not grant Skywalker the title of Master. Skywalker took this as both an outrageous and unfair insult, as no Jedi in the history of the Jedi Order had ever been placed on the Council without receiving the rank of Master. Did Anakin ever become a JediRead More →