In addition to myeloid cells, astrocytes have been observed to engulf myelin debris. … Astrocytes phagocytose myelin at quantities several-fold lower than myeloid cells (144), questioning the functional significance of astrocyte-mediated myelin phagocytosis in vivo. Which type of glial cell migrates around and Phagocytizes microorganisms and cellular debris? Where invadingRead More →

In terrestrial ecosystems, primary productivity is highest in warm, wet places with plenty of sunlight, like tropical forest regions. In contrast, deserts have the lowest primary productivity. In marine ecosystems, primary productivity is highest in shallow, nutrient rich waters, such as coral reefs and algal beds. Which of the followingRead More →

Cardiac glycosides are medicines for treating heart failure and certain irregular heartbeats. They are one of several classes of drugs used to treat the heart and related conditions. What is the meaning of a glycoside? : any of numerous sugar derivatives that contain a nonsugar group bonded to an oxygenRead More →

Chants. … Sayings. Which of the following characterizes the pre Spanish literature? Pre spanish literature is characterized by legendfolk tales the epic age and folk songs. What is pre Spanish Philippine literature? Pre-Hispanic Philippine literature was actually epics passed on from generation to generation, originally through an oral tradition. However,Read More →

d-d Transitions In a d–d transition, an electron in a d orbital on the metal is excited by a photon to another d orbital of higher energy. In complexes of the transition metals, the d orbitals do not all have the same energy. … An example occurs in octahedral complexesRead More →