Was Louis Armstrong Friends With Bing Crosby?

Bing Crosby & Frank Sinatra had such a good time singing together on the 1956 movie High Society, they got together and recorded a Holiday TV special that aired in 1957 – from that special here’s Frank and Bing singing ‘White Christmas’ Find this Pin and more on christmas by Merle.

Which mobsters was Sinatra friends with?

But during his questioning Sinatra nevertheless admitted to more than passing acquaintances with a significant list of made men: Lucky Luciano, Bugsy Siegel, Willie Moretti and Al Capone’s cousins The Fischetti Brothers among them. Sinatra would not escape similar hearings in the future.

What is the age difference between Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra?

Bing Crosby was 12 years older than Frank Sinatra, but their careers pretty much overlapped for the 37 years from 1941 to 1977, when Crosby died. They formed a mutual admiration society and appeared together on TV and radio and, most memorably, in the 1960 film.

What killed Gary Crosby?

Gary Crosby, the eldest son of Bing Crosby, died on Thursday at St. Joseph Medical Center in Burbank. He was 62. The cause was lung cancer, said Mr.

Who was more popular Bing Crosby or Frank Sinatra?

Bing Crosby scored 41 No. 1 records (43 including the second and third chart-toppings of “White Christmas”) — more than The Beatles (24) and Elvis Presley (18). His recordings reached the charts 396 times, more than Frank Sinatra (209) and Elvis Presley (149) combined.

Is Johnny in The Godfather Frank Sinatra?

Influences. Johnny Fontane is based on Frank Sinatra, who is believed to have used his mob connections to gain a part in From Here To Eternity. Incidentally, the actor he replaced was Eli Wallach, who later played Don Altobello, a role written for Sinatra.

Did Sinatra like Crosby?

Growing up, Sinatra had a picture of Crosby hanging on his bedroom wall. … Bing Crosby was still as popular as ever but never received such a reaction, which meant that he became the righteous party in the feud that was instantly instigated by the media between the two.

Is Bing Crosby in the Rat Pack?

They appeared together on stage and in films in the early 1960s, including the films Ocean’s 11, and Sergeants 3; after Lawford’s expulsion, they filmed Robin and the 7 Hoods with Bing Crosby in what was to be Lawford’s role. Sinatra, Martin, and Davis were regarded as the group’s lead members after Bogart’s death.

What did Frank Sinatra think of Bing Crosby?

Frank had discovered that music meant a lot to him, and he could be nothing but a singer. He had always adored Bing Crosby and talked about how amazing Bing’s voice was. He had a picture of Crosby in his room, and he always said “I’m gonna be better than Crosby!” Well, we surely know now he was not joking.

What did Bing Crosby say about Louis Armstrong?

Crosby (born May 3, 1093; died October 14, 1977, at the age of 74), made 80 movies, winning an Oscar in 1943. Yet for all his success, Crosby said that “no doubt about it, the happiest times I worked in my career were the days I worked with Louis Armstrong.”

Who influenced Bing Crosby?

Bing Crosby was one of the most influential vocalists of the 20th century. He was a great admirer of jazz artists, especially Louis Armstrong, and the first white male singer deeply influenced by jazz.

Is Bing Crosby a jazz?

The definitive crooner of the 1930s, Crosby started his career a decade earlier as a jazz singer and he always retained his love for New Orleans jazz, Louis Armstrong, and superior standards.

Did Frank Sinatra get divorced?

Weeks after the pair’s divorce became final in 1951, Sinatra married Gardner. Nancy went on to raise their three children: Nancy, Frank Jr. and Tina.

What did Frank Sinatra think of The Godfather movie?

Now that a major production about the New York mob was revving up, Sinatra apparently wanted to be a part of it. And, according to Francis Ford Coppola, Sinatra wanted the meatiest Godfather part of them all.

Is Frank Sinatra Italian?

Born to Italian immigrants in Hoboken, New Jersey, Sinatra was greatly influenced by the intimate, easy-listening vocal style of Bing Crosby and began his musical career in the swing era with bandleaders Harry James and Tommy Dorsey. … Sinatra released his debut album, The Voice of Frank Sinatra, in 1946.

What is Bing Crosby’s most famous song?

The biggest hit song of Crosby’s career was his recording of Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas”, which he introduced on a Christmas Day radio broadcast in 1941.

Was Bing Crosby good singer?

Bing Crosby’s popularity as a singer was staggering. Between 1927 and 1965, he released nearly 400 songs that made the national sales charts–about twice as many as Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley combined during their careers. Even more remarkable is Crosby’s influence on popular music.

Is Barbara Cosentino Crosby still alive?

Barbara Crosby (born Cosentino), 1930 – 2002.

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