What Do Neck Chains Represent?

But, as with other pieces of jewelry such as earrings, the necklace evolved into an elegant artistic decoration for the body – and developed deeper symbolic meanings reflecting wealth, status, and magical powers. …

What does chains mean in the book chains?

By Laurie Halse Anderson

We’ll start with the obvious: The title Chains refers to slavery. From there, though, it gets a little more complicated, because there’s a ton of different kinds of slavery going on in this book. … As a result, a major conflict in Chains is Isabel’s bondage between the two sides of the war.

What do the broken chains symbolize?

a broken chain stands for the act of becoming free. The symbol of broken chain represents Freedom. It signifies freedom from slavery. In terms of the French Revolution, the broken chain signified freedom for the peasants and the third estate i.e. normal people as opposed to the aristocracy.

What are chains associated with?

The symbolism of chains has a long and storied history. They are symbols of slavery and imprisonment but also symbols of connection, love and brotherhood. Chains can symbolize the following: Imprisonment.

Is death a symbol?

The human skull is an obvious and frequent symbol of death, found in many cultures and religious traditions. … The skull and crossbones motif (☠) has been used among Europeans as a symbol of both piracy and poison. The skull is also important as it remains the only “recognizable” aspect of a person once they have died.

What is the central theme of chains?

Identity. The dehumanization of slavery is a central theme of the novel and so is Isabel’s quest to reclaim her identity and humanity. The Lockton’s try to erase her identity by forcing the name Sal and brutally ignoring her humanity.

What does grandfather symbolize in chains?

Brought up in Africa he represents a living connection with Isabel’s ancestral homeland, a homeland that she’s never personally experienced for herself. Back in Africa, Grandfather was a free man, but since being brought to the United States in chains, he’s remained in a sad state of forced servitude.

What do bees represent in chains?

The bees symbolize what is going on inside Isabel’s head: not only her feelings of depression and confusion, but also her desire for escape and revolt against her oppressors. Sometimes the bees start to buzz and make a commotion as Isabel thinks about her family and struggles to deal with her situation.

What does a necklace symbolize in love?

A heart necklace generally symbolizes love and deep affection for someone. Although it has been around for many years, this kind of necklace has recently become a popular trend.

What does Jewellery symbolize?

Jewelry helps in enhancing one’s beauty. It also symbolizes wealth, power, and status. For some, jewelry is a form of art for self and creative expression. Then, there are some people who use jewelry as part of their tradition and culture.

Why is jewelry so important?

It is an important accessory for people who want to stand out from the crowd or simply feel gorgeous. People love jewelry; they have loved to wear them since time immemorial. Jewelry has always played a great role in increasing our beauty and enhancing our looks.

Are gold chains in style?

Gold chains are a classic men’s accessory, and they are very much back in style right now. Not only do they look great on everyone, they add a touch of understated luxury as well as a certain edginess to your outfit.

What is the beast in this metaphor chains?

The beast is the revolutionaries, while the beast’s head, meaning the beast’s commander, is General George Washington.

What does Ruth’s doll symbolize in chains?

Ruth’s Doll

The doll symbolizes family, love, and their connection to their past. After Ruth is sold in secret again, the doll is all Isabel has left of Ruth and symbolizes Isabel’s purpose to escape and find her.

What might the water pump symbolize to slaves chains?

Curzon volunteers to take her there and explains in chapter 6 that the Tea Water Pump is where all of the rich white people get their water from, because it supposedly tastes better. This automatically makes the Tea Water Pump and associated water symbolic of a societal class divide and symbolic of a wealth divide.

Who are the characters in the book Chains?


  • Isabel. The protagonist and narrator of the novel, she is always striving her best to do anything she can do to get her and her sister out of slavery and back to Rhode Island, where they belong. …
  • Ruth. …
  • The Locktons. …
  • Miss Mary Finch. …
  • Robert Finch. …
  • Curzon. …
  • Lady Seymour. …
  • Angelika.

What happens in the book Chains?

“Chains” is the story of thirteen-year-old slave Isabel’s journey to discover her inner strength and fight for her freedom amidst the depravity of slavery and the upheaval of the Revolutionary War that divided America. The novel opens on the day of Miss Mary Finch’s funeral.

What does Isabel’s scar symbolize to her now?

Just as Poppa’s mark from the African ritual symbolizes his manhood and maturity, Isabel’s scar from the branding ultimately symbolizes her inner strength and survival. Although Madam seeks to dehumanize her through slavery, Isabel must go through this period of suffering in order to repair her damaged self-image.

What is the bird of death?

There is one bird associated with death – the cardinal.

What color symbolizes death?

In many parts of the world, black is traditionally the color of death, mourning and funeral fashion, but it is not the universal color of mourning everywhere.

What animal represents depression?

The Phoenix is the mythological bird that rises from its own ashes, just as you can rise out of the depths of depression, your ashes. (“Ashes” is a bonus symbol of depression for you.)

What is the purpose of using steel chains?

1. What is the purpose of using steel chains? Explanation: In belt and rope drives, it is observed that slipping may take place. In order to avoid the issue of slipping, steel chains are being used.

What is the end of a chain called?

The part of the pendant that goes over the chain is called the bail or bale. This holds the piece to the chain. Most bails are attached to a metal pendant. However, some connect directly to a gemstone.

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