What Do The Colored Tee Boxes Mean?

The white tees are usually the furthest from the hole and the blue tees the nearest. The stroke index for a round will be different depending on which tees you are playing from.

How do you choose which tees to play from?

An interesting method of determining what set of tee’s you should play is by factoring the average distance you hit your 5-iron as a metric to gauge where you should play from. Take your average 5-iron distance, multiply by 36, and choose the tees that most closely match that yardage.

Should I play from white or blue tees?

Don’t let the traditional meaning of “white tees” as the regular men’s tees fool you. Any golfer, regardless of gender or age, whose playing ability best matches the length of the golf course from the white tees should play those tees, whether they are in their traditional middle location or not.

When should I move to the blue tees?

Picking what tees to play from is a decision made mostly by feel. However, a good rule of thumb to use is if you cannot reach a par three green in one shot because of distance, it is a good sign that you should move up a tee. Also, the lower your handicap is, the further back you should probably be playing.

What do the colors mean in golf?

BLUE means “200 yards from the center of the green” WHITE means “150 yards from the center of the green” RED means “100 yards from the center of the green” YELLOW STAKES indicate the boundaries of a water hazard. WHITE STAKES indicate the boundaries of a lateral water hazard, ground under repair or out of bounds.

What are blue tees in golf?

Traditionally in golf, “blue tees” are a way of referring to the rear-most tee boxes on a golf course. If a golfer wanted to play the golf course at its longest length, he played from the blue tees. And some golf courses still use the color blue to denote the back tees or championship tees.

Which side of the tee box should I use?

You can always use the tee box to help you play your natural shot. If you slice or fade the ball, tee up on the far right side of the box, near the marker (above). If you hook the ball, tee up on the far left side. It’s OK to stand outside the markers as long as your ball is between them.

What tee height should I use?

The general recommendation is that the bottom of the golf ball on a tee should be level with the top of the driver; for long and mid-irons, push the tee into the ground so that only about a quarter-inch is above ground.

What type of golf ball should a beginner use?

Best Golf Balls For Beginners In 2021

  • Beginner Golf Ball #1: Callaway Supersoft.
  • Beginner Golf Ball #2: Titleist Pro V1.
  • Beginner Golf Ball #3: Nike Golf PD Long Power.
  • Beginner Golf Ball #4: Srixon Soft Feel.
  • Beginner Golf Ball #5: Titleist Tour Soft.

What tee should I use for irons?

Irons—With longer irons (3 through 6), about a quarter inch of tee should be out of the ground, so the top of the ball is even with or a little higher than the top of the clubface. For others (7-iron through wedges), tee it a little lower with each club.

What golf tees do pros use?

Most pros use basic wooden tees. Unless contracted, virtually no players would do different to this, or ever use another type of tee voluntarily. At PGA Tour events, there are tonnes of tees in a box on the 1st, and players and caddies just dig in and fill the bag.

What are the orange tees in golf?

Snyer has taken that idea a step further with the use of orange tees for young children and newcomers. They will be put out again when the club catches up with its mowing, Snyer said. The tees are usually about 150 yards from the green and just off to one side of the fairway.

What is a green in golf?

Green: The green is where the flagstick and hole are located. When players hit the ball onto the green, they use a putter to roll the ball into the hole. The greens are a particularly delicate area on the golf course.

What are silver tees in golf?

Silver tees allow the golfer to adjust the length and difficulty of the course so that it is compatible with their abilities, which makes the game more enjoyable, whether they are a beginner or avid golfer. These tees are designed to help players hit the greens in regulation.

Can you tee up in the rough?

Can You Use A Tee On A Fairway? The rules of golf state that you must play a ball as it lies. If you walk up to your ball in your fairway and tee it up, this would be breaking the rules of golf. You cannot tee your golf ball in the fairway once it is in play.

Do you have to stand in the tee box?

The teeing area is where you start each hole and is one of the five defined areas of the course. … You can stand outside the teeing area as long as your ball is within the teeing area. Before you play, you are not allowed to move the tee-markers.

What club would you use typically from the tee box on a hole that was a par 5?

Drivers are long-distance clubs typically used off the tee box for your first shot on a par 4 or par 5.

What color are junior tees in golf?

So black tees (sometimes green, sometimes, well, pick a color), were added behind the traditional blue tees. The next set of tees that were added (the fifth set, if you’ve lost count), were usually gold, aka “senior” tees, that were placed ahead of the red, or “ladies”, tees.

What are the white markers on a golf course?

A blue or white marker typically means you are 150 yards or metres from the centre of the green, while a black marker is commonly used to show you are 200 yards or metres from the centre of the green.

What age is considered senior for golf?

In men’s professional golf senior tournaments are for players aged 50 and above. In other branches of the sport the lower age limit varies, but is usually 45, 50 or 55.

What do red stakes in golf mean?

The red stakes on a golf course indicate a lateral water hazard. A lateral water hazard is different from a normal water hazard for it is lateral or it runs alongside the line of play. … The red lines on a golf course also indicate a lateral water hazard.

What are tee markers?

A colored rock or monument, situated in the tee box at a measured distance from the center of the putting green.

What are combo tees?

The idea of “Combination Tees” — using two or more sets of tees to add variety to a course’s setup — is probably the easiest way to update a course. Every golfer should have the opportunity to hit par three’s in one shot, par fours in two, and par fives in three.