What Do You Mean By Conquest?

1. sexual conquest – a seduction culminating in sexual intercourse; “calling his seduction of the girl a `score’ was a typical example of male slang” score. seduction, conquest – an act of winning the love or sexual favor of someone. cuckoldry – the practice of making cuckolds; sexual conquests of married women.

What does a conquest do?

The act of conquering or acquiring by force; the act of overcoming or subduing opposition by force; subjugation; victory.

What is a conquest in a relationship?

Meaning of conquest in English

someone you have had sex with but probably not a relationship: I was determined not to become just another one of his conquests. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.

What is an example of conquest?

The definition of a conquest is a victory either in love or war. An example of a conquest is an army taking over a town in a war. An example of a conquest is a man getting to sleep with a beautiful woman. … The Spanish conquest of Mexico; the conquest of an infectious disease; the conquest of shyness.

What were the 3 methods of conquest?

  • Methods of conquest.
  • Ancient conquests.
  • Leading to migration.
  • Plunder.
  • The state.
  • Subjugation.
  • Culture after conquest.
  • See also.

What does love conquest mean?

conquest – an act of winning the love or sexual favor of someone. seduction.

What is the sentence of conquest?

Conquest sentence example. The conquest was easy; but, when it came to a partition, Ferdinand played his ally false. Sparta is the best case of a nobility of conquest . The real conquest of Uruguay was begun under Philip III.

What is conquest in the Bible?

The conquest account is a text in which God commands Joshua and his army to annihilate the inhabitants of the Canaanite towns, because they are Canaanite.

What does spirit of conquest mean?

When you have a spirit of conquest; that you want to disrupt anything, whether it’s innovation or something else, think about the time constant of this “something”, change it by a factor of 10 and see what happens; change the constraints and the rules (add/remove/modify) and cross this “something” with what you believe …

What is the biblical meaning of conquest?

1 : to gain or acquire by force of arms : subjugate conquer territory. 2 : to overcome by force of arms : vanquish conquered the enemy.

What conquest is being spoken of?

Explanation: Following the conquest of Anatolia, Alexander broke the power of Persia in a series of decisive battles, most notably the battles of Issus and Gaugamela. He subsequently overthrew Persian King Darius III and conquered the Achaemenid Empire in its entirety.

What is a conquest state?

: a state formed by or based upon the subjugation of the original inhabitants.

How do you use the word conquest?

an act of winning the love or sexual favor of someone.

  1. His family traces back to the Norman Conquest.
  2. He had led the conquest of southern Poland in 1939.
  3. We are hoping that the conquest of cancer is imminent.
  4. The conditions of conquest are always easy. …
  5. I think you’ve made a conquest.

What is a conquered person?

a person, thing, etc, that has been conquered or won. the act or art of gaining a person’s compliance, love, etc, by seduction or force of personality. a person, whose compliance, love, etc, has been won over by seduction or force of personality.

What does it mean to conquer something or someone?

1 : to gain or acquire by force of arms : subjugate conquer territory. 2 : to overcome by force of arms : vanquish conquered the enemy. 3 : to gain mastery over or win by overcoming obstacles or opposition conquered the mountain. 4 : to overcome by mental or moral power : surmount conquered her fear.

What does it mean to conquer the world?

to defeat an enemy, or to take control or possession of a foreign land: I felt like I had conquered the world.

What is the synonym of conquest?

defeat, beating, conquering, vanquishment, vanquishing, trouncing, annihilation, overpowering, overthrow, subduing, subjugation, rout, mastery, crushing. victory, victory over, triumph, triumph over. informal hammering, clobbering, thrashing, drubbing, caning, murder, massacre.

Does true love conquer all?

Love conquers all.

To put it simply, love does NOT conquer all. … People who cling to the notion that everything will work out as long as they love their significant other tend to overlook the reality that maintaining a strong, loving relationship takes a lot of hard work.

Does love conquer fear?

When a couple is facing intense fear, its partners most need to trust the other’s offerings of comfort and care. Sharing their love during those times can truly conquer those overwhelming emotions, deepening their faith in each other.

What is culture of conquest?

This is a glimmer of the culture of conquest. A culture that is able to see and understand an enemy that has not seen yet, and that doesn’t even speak or understand the language of the land .(13)

How do you conquer the whole world?

To kick ass and conquer the world, it’s important to remember that it’s the little things we do repeatedly that lead to our biggest changes.

  1. Make People Around You Better Off. …
  2. Read Books About the People You Want to be Like. …
  3. Choose the People You Surround Yourself with Wisely.
  4. Realize that Time is Your Most Precious Asset.

How do empires grow?

For an empire to grow, one state has to take control of other states or groups of people. … The Maurya Empire in India used a combination of political sabotage, religious conversion, and military conquest to expand its rule. The Romans, although a militaristic society, did not generally set out to conquer territory.

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