What Do You Mean By Phasing Out?

Phased-out sentence example

  1. They are being phased out in many places. …
  2. Spanish was being phased out in spite of its growing popularity, they added. …
  3. Similar brown stoneware bowls were in fashion at the end of the 19th century, being phased out in favor of white bowls. …
  4. Smith Charm is one style that has been phased out .

What is a phase out plan in business?


You need to distribute pre-notifications on a future EOL (End-of-Life) – typically a year in advance. The length of the phase out is often driven by the time needed for migration. Product managers would have to interact with most parts of the company – and also the entire Ecosystem.

What does phase out mean MTG?

Phased out (together with its opposite, phased in) is part of a permanent’s status, like tapped or face down. Like all status, only permanents can be phased out. A phased-out permanent is treated for most purposes as though it didn’t exist. Permanents enter the battlefield phased in by default.

What does paced out mean?

paced out. DEFINITIONS1. to measure a distance by counting the number of steps that you need to walk from one end of something to the other. I had already paced out the dimensions of my new home.

Will be phasing out?

to remove or stop using something gradually or in stages: The airline is planning to phase out the aircraft at the end of this year.

What is a phase in?

: to start to use or do (something) gradually over a period of time : to introduce (something) slowly The country is phasing in new paper currency.

What does in phase and out of phase mean?

If two things are happening in/out of phase they are reaching the same or related stages at the same time/at different times. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.

How do you describe a phase?

In chemistry and physics, a phase is a physically distinctive form of matter, such as a solid, liquid, gas, or plasma. A phase of matter is characterized by having relatively uniform chemical and physical properties. … For example, liquid mixtures can exist in multiple phases, such as an oil phase and an aqueous phase.

What is phase in phase out planning?

When you introduce a new product or phase out an existing product, you expect the demand to be noticeably different to that in the “mature” phase of the product’s life. Phase-in/out modeling lets you take this behavior into account.

What does piece out mean?

verb (tr, adverb) to extend by adding pieces. to cause to last longer by using only a small amount at a timeto piece out rations.

What does lift out mean?

Definitions of lift out. verb. take out or up with or as if with a scoop. synonyms: scoop, scoop out, scoop up, take up.

What is phase out in electrical?

When inductance is introduced into a circuit, the voltage and the current will be “out-of-phase,” meaning that the voltage and current do not cross zero, or reach their peaks and valleys at the same time.

How do you spell passed out?

pass out

  1. (intr) informal to become unconscious; faint.
  2. (intr) British (esp of an officer cadet) to qualify for a military commission; complete a course of training satisfactorilyGeneral Smith passed out from Sandhurst in 1933.
  3. (tr) to distribute.

What is pace yourself?

: to do something at a speed that is steady and that allows one to continue without becoming too tired.

What does paced mean in English?

: moving or progressing at a stated speed —used in combination a fast-paced action movie…

What is a team lift out?

In simple terms, team lift outs happen when a high functioning team moves together in a single, coordinated recruitment action. Team lift outs allow organisations to bring proven capabilities to the organisation, within a team structure that has already been successfully woven together.

What does feel left out mean?

: to feel that one is not included in something He always feels left out when his friends talk about sports.

What is the meaning of the phrasal verb break out?

phrasal verb. break out. ​(of war, fighting or other unpleasant events) to start suddenly.

What does peace out homie mean?

it’s just saying “bye” but really informal and never should be used with adults, only friends peace out = bye homies = friends.

What does pined away mean?

: to become thin and weak because of sadness or loss Since his wife left him, he spends his days alone, pining away.

Who started peace out?

Meet Enrico Frezza, the Founder of Peace Out Skincare Who’s Changing the Acne Game One Pimple Patch at a Time.

What is Shipment phasing?

Phasing-out a vessel means removing (or unassigning) it from one or more voyages. The vessel can be removed from any location call in the voyage, and from any milestone at the location call.

What is meant by phasing in capacity?

This is an effective way of capitalizing on technological breakthrough. Phasing out capacity:The outdated manufacturing facilities cause excessive plant closures and down time. The impact of closures is not limited to only fixed costs of plant and machinery.

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