What Does It Mean If A Girl Is A Toss?

slang. to be concerned or interested (esp in the phrase not give a toss) See full dictionary entry for toss.

Is toss a bad word?

`We couldn’t give a toss what journalists think,’ says the band’s drummer. Note: In this expression, `toss’ is a rude, slang word meaning to masturbate.

What is a toss off in slang?

1 informal : to produce (something) quickly and without much effort He tossed off a few lines of poetry. 2 informal : to drink (something) quickly He tossed off a shot of whiskey. 3 British, informal + impolite : to touch or rub one’s own sexual organs for sexual pleasure : to masturbate.

What does chug it mean?

If you chug something, you drink it very quickly without stopping. Nadine chugs her beer and orders another.

Is tossing throwing?

verb (used with object), tossed or (Literary) tost; toss·ing. to throw, pitch, or fling, especially to throw lightly or carelessly: to toss a piece of paper into the wastebasket. to throw or send from one to another, as in play: to toss a ball.

Can go for a toss?

‘ What do they mean by this? Well, when a teenager says that his cell phone has gone for a toss, he means that it has stopped working or that it is not working properly. Similarly, when someone’s plans go for a toss, things don’t go the way he/she had anticipated or planned.

How do you use Toss in a sentence?

Toss sentence example

  1. I broke his arm before he could toss the match. …
  2. Hadn’t we decided to toss in the towel? …
  3. All the effort we’ve put into getting your education—just to toss it away…. …
  4. He watched her grab the hourglass and toss it in the air. …
  5. Grab ’em and toss ’em back.

What does keep you on your toes mean?

informal. : to cause someone to be alert and prepared to deal with problems The boss made regular inspections in order to keep employees on their toes.

Where does I dont give a toss come from?

3 Answers. It is used colloquially in the UK, and possibly elsewhere, to mean ‘I couldn’t care less. ‘ It is derived from the act of tossing a coin.

What is the difference between rolling and tossing?

As nouns the difference between toss and roll

is that toss is a throw, a lob, of a ball etc, with an initial upward direction, particularly with a lack of care while roll is role.

What is the difference between a throw and a toss?

As verbs the difference between toss and throw

is that toss is to throw with an initial upward direction while throw is to cause an object to move rapidly through the air.

What does tossing and turning mean?

: to move about and turn over in bed because one is unable to sleep tossing and turning all night.

What is a Choog?

A cheug (pronounced choog) is a person who is cheugy or has cheugy traits. While that may sound pretty broad, some key characteristics include: A millennial (24 to 40 years old) Focuses their identity around certain brands or aesthetics. Tries too hard to be cool or into something.

What does cheugy mean in slang?

Cheugy is a slang adjective mocking someone or something as “uncool”—they are out of touch with current trends or trying too hard to be trendy. Similar slang terms are basic or normie.

What is a jug?

Slang. jail; prison. jugs, Slang: Vulgar. a woman’s breasts.

What is considered a throw?

A throw is smaller than a blanket. According to eHow Home, it usually comes in one size, about 50 inches by 60 inches. … Throws can be draped over couches, chairs, the end of beds, hung on blanket racks or even hung on a wall. Throws are also used to provide warmth and comfort while relaxing on a couch or chair.

What does it mean to toss in cooking?

To mix the ingredients of a food dish, such as salads and pasta, by using a light lift and drop method. The food is turned over and mixed together enabling sauces and food items to be seasoned with the flavors of each item.

How do you spell tossing and turning?

to move around restlessly while sleeping or trying to sleep: I was tossing and turning all night.

What is a Tuppenny toss?

I’ve seen it expanded to “I don’t give a tuppenny toss” (“tuppenny” = two pre-decimal pence) which would tie in with the sense of tossing coins but tuppence was also apparently the going rate for a discreet act of manual relief from an 18th-century prostitute… which takes us back to “tosser”.

What is a monkey’s toss?

: The coarse version – “I don’t give a monkey’s toss” (i.e. the ejaculate of a monkey has no value) was sanitised to the other versions in particular “uncle” and as it was widely understood just “a monkey’s” which is the essence of the phrase.

What does it mean to keep someone on edge?

To make one (especially a member of an audience) feel very excited, nervous, or filled with suspense while they wait to find out what happens next. Often said of a movie or TV show. … It’s not going to win any Oscars, but the film certainly kept us on the edge of our seats the entire time!

What does it mean when someone steps on your foot?

To insult, offend, or upset one, especially by getting involved in something that is one’s responsibility.