What Does It Mean To Call Someone Monotone?

1a : impaired by damp or mildew : moldy old musty books musty hay. b : tasting of mold musty wine. c : smelling of damp and decay : fusty The cellar was musty.

What is monotone art?

Monotone means using only one colour. This is particularly used to mean black and white. Many photographers choose to work with black and white images. Removing colour means that the images rely fully on tone to describe light, shape and form.

Is it good to be monotone?

Speaking in a monotone voice is a real communication killer. When the variety of your voice’s pitch doesn’t vary, it’s impossible for your listener to maintain any interest in what you’re saying. He tunes out – quickly.

What is monotone in Tagalog?

Translation for word Monotone in Tagalog is : walang pagbabago.

What is monotone example?

An example of a monotone is when someone has a dull-flat voice, like Ben Stein. The definition of monotone is something flat or unchanging in pitch, or something that is all one color. A tone of voice that never changes or goes up and down is an example of a voice that would be described as monotone.

How do you use monotone?

Monotone in a Sentence ?

  1. The robot speaks in a monotone expression that never alters in pitch.
  2. In the mornings, I usually speak in a monotone voice until I obtain energy from my first cup of coffee.
  3. When Kevin read his long speech in a monotone manner, I fell asleep.

What causes monotone?

This visual or verbal absent can be caused by conditions that include schizophrenia, autism, depression, and traumatic brain injury. Emotions to stimuli that are not expressed by people with flat affect include facial, voice and body language changes.

Can monotone be a verb?

Monotone can be a verb, an adjective or a noun.

How do you use the word monotonous in a sentence?

Monotonous sentence example

  1. Jonny’s voice was coldly monotonous but soft. …
  2. The notes of the blackbird are rich and full, but monotonous as compared with those of the song-thrush. …
  3. As professional story-tellers many Moors are remarkable, but the national music is monotonous and not very harmonious.

What is a sentence for monotony?

1 She wanted to escape the monotony of her everyday life. 2 The monotony of motorway driving causes many accidents. 3 The monotony of his voice sent me to sleep. 4 She watches television to relieve the monotony of everyday life.

Why is my voice unattractive?

Our vocal cords and airways are trembling, too, and those vibrations make their way over to auditory processing as well. … That’s why hearing the way your voice sounds without all the body vibes can be off-putting — it’s unfamiliar — or even unpleasant, because of the relative tinniness.

How can I be more attractive to sound?

How to make your voice sound more attractive

  1. Speak from the diaphragm. …
  2. Find your maximum resonance point. …
  3. Don’t punch your words. …
  4. Clear your throat. …
  5. Do not allow inflection at the end of your sentences. …
  6. Control your volume. …
  7. Remember to pause. …
  8. Slow down your tempo.

How do you stop an aggressive noise?

How to be assertive without being aggressive

  1. Be clear. Try to ask for what you want openly and in a straightforward manner, and state your feelings clearly without directly or indirectly demeaning the other person. …
  2. Make eye contact. …
  3. Keep your posture positive. …
  4. Do your homework. …
  5. Take time out. …
  6. Avoid accusing. …
  7. Keep your cool.

What is the best synonym for monotonous?

Synonyms & Antonyms of monotonous

  • tame,
  • tedious,
  • tiresome,
  • tiring,
  • uninteresting,
  • wearisome,
  • weary,
  • wearying.

What does monotonous life mean?

(mənɒtənəs ) adjective. Something that is monotonous is very boring because it has a regular, repeated pattern which never changes. It’s monotonous work, like most factory jobs. Synonyms: tedious, boring, dull, repetitive More Synonyms of monotonous.

How do you use vanity in a sentence?

Vanity sentence example

  1. She was sitting at the vanity table brushing her hair when he returned. …
  2. All is vanity , all falsehood, except that infinite sky.

What is the only source of monotone?

A sound of single frequency is called a monotone. A tuning fork is the only source of sound which produces sound of a single frequency.

What is the opposite monotonous?

Opposite of tedious because of lack of variety. interesting. exciting. absorbing. engaging.

What is monotonous relationship?

Monogamy is a relationship with only one partner at a time, rather than multiple partners. A monogamous relationship can be sexual or emotional, but it’s usually both. Many modern relationships are monogamous.

What is the adjective form of monotone?

monotonous. Having an unvarying tone or pitch. Tedious, repetitious or lacking in variety.

Can you use monotone as an adjective?

MONOTONE (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

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