What Does It Mean To Give Someone A Fig?

Definition of ‘not care/give a fig’

If you say that someone doesn’t care a fig or doesn’t give a fig about something, you are emphasizing that they think it is unimportant or that they are not interested in it.

What is the meaning of idiom a lemon?

To buy a lemon means to purchase something that is worthless, broken, unsatisfactory, not of its purported value, or disappointing. Often, the word lemon is applied to a new car or other mechanical device that never works properly.

What is the meaning of up to the hilt?

Completely, to the maximum degree, as in The house was mortgaged up to the hilt. This idiom alludes to the handle (hilt) of a sword, the only portion that remains out when the weapon is plunged all the way in.

What does it mean to snort?

The definition of a snort is a loud sound made by blowing air through your nose, usually made by people to express laughter or, for animals, when they want to express fear, or a snort refers to a dose of cocaine or other drug inhaled up through your nose. … To make a noise like a snort, as in laughing boisterously.

Do it in a jiffy?

If you say that you will do something in a jiffy, you mean that you will do it very quickly or very soon.

Can’t cut the mustard meaning?

(also can’t cut the mustard) to not be able to deal with problems or difficulties in a satisfactory way: If he can’t cut it, then we’ll get someone else to do the job.

What does it mean to buy a pig in a poke?

: something offered in such a way as to obscure its real nature or worth unwilling to buy a pig in a poke.

Is you’re a peach an idiom?

You are very sweet or helpful. You brought me coffee? Ah, you’re a peach. Thank you much for picking up the cupcakes on your way to the party—you’re a peach.

Where does the expression I don’t give a fig come from?

: : : The saying is based on the Spanish Fico (= Fig) which gave its name to a traditional gesture of contempt made by placing the thumb between the first and second fingers. … The gesture was common in Shakespeare’s time and was known as The Fig of Spain.

What does the phrase Peaches and Cream mean?

Definition of peaches and cream

1 —used to describe someone who has smooth and pale skin with light pink cheeks She has a peaches and cream complexion. 2 chiefly US, informal : a situation, process, etc., that has no trouble or problems He promised her that if she married him, life would be peaches and cream.

What is a synonym for do not care?

don’t care

  • neutral.
  • uninvolved.
  • unattached.
  • cut loose.
  • floating.
  • laid-back.
  • middle ground.
  • middle of the road.

How do you give someone a fig?

It is known as a “fist-phallus“, and can be accompanied by extending the right hand while clasping the left hand under one’s armpit in a derogatory manner.

What is a crusty Bob in football?

A crusty bob is the act of putting a nasty handful of mud in an opposing player’s pants, preferably in the back.

What does pig eye mean?

US slang. —used to express strong disagreement or to suggest something cannot happen You want me to apologize to him? In a pig’s eye!

What does pug in a poke mean?

You use the phrase ‘Pig in a Poke’ to indicate that an offering or deal has been foolishly accepted without prior examination. Example of use: “Be careful about buying that old car. It might turn out to be a pig in a poke.”

Why do they say paint the town red?

Paint the town red

The phrase “paint the town red” most likely owes its origin to one legendary night of drunkenness. … The marquis and his pranksters later compensated Melton for the damages, but their drunken escapade is likely the reason that “paint the town red” became shorthand for a wild night out.

What does FAT CITY mean slang?

US slang. : a very comfortable condition or situation in life He thinks he’s going to win the lottery, and then he’ll be in fat city.

Why do we say 40 winks?

As a blink lasts for a fraction of a second, forty winks take a few seconds. Hence the phrase ”forty winks” has come to mean a few moments of sleep, or a very short nap, especially taken during the daytime, while not in a sleeping position.

What is sangfroid?

: self-possession or imperturbability especially under strain.

What does pulling the wool over my eyes mean?

Definition of pull the wool over someone’s eyes

: to trick or deceive someone : to hide the truth from someone He was too clever to let them pull the wool over his eyes.

What does back in a Jif mean?

In only a short amount of time; very quickly or at once. Just call us on this number if you have any problems, and we’ll be back in a jiff.

Where did the word snot come from?

Snot comes from the Old English word gesnot, or “nasal mucus,” from a Germanic root.

What is the term for laughing with snorts?

It’s slang, but there is the word snortle. It’s defined as: A hearty laugh that is punctuated by a snort on the inhale.