What Does It Mean When Someone Is Unintelligible?

In this page you can discover 25 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for unintelligible, like: indecipherable, trite, meaningless, indistinct, obscure, ambiguous, illegible, inarticulate, incoherent, jumbled and muddled.

What is the meaning of unintelligible in a sentence?

adjective. Unintelligible language is impossible to understand, for example because it is not written or pronounced clearly, or because its meaning is confused or complicated. He muttered something unintelligible. I did my best to join in, but the conversation was largely unintelligible.

How do you describe unintelligible speech?

The term unintelligible refers to speech that is very difficult for others to understand due to factors other than voice volume.

Is unintelligible a real word?

not intelligible; not capable of being understood.

What does unintelligible speaker mean?

poorly articulated or enunciated, or drowned by noise. “unintelligible speech” Synonyms: incomprehensible, uncomprehensible. difficult to understand.

How do you use the word unintelligible in a sentence?

Unintelligible in a Sentence ?

  1. The babbling baby let out an unintelligible wail as she toddled down the hallway.
  2. Wearing a long turban and speaking a language that was unintelligible to the natives, the mysterious woman seemed to have appeared out of nowhere.

What is the opposite of unintelligible?

unintelligibleadjective. poorly articulated or enunciated, or drowned by noise. “unintelligible speech” Antonyms: comprehensible, comprehendible, intelligible.

What does inarticulate mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : incapable of giving coherent, clear, or effective expression to one’s ideas or feelings. 2a(1) : incapable of speech especially under stress of emotion : mute. (2) : incapable of being expressed by speech inarticulate fear.

What is a synonym for sporadically?

Some common synonyms of sporadic are infrequent, rare, scarce, and uncommon. While all these words mean “not common or abundant,” sporadic implies occurrence in scattered instances or isolated outbursts. sporadic cases of influenza.

What is the synonyms of intimately?

In this page you can discover 20 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for intimately, like: closely, personally, informally, in-detail, openly, lovingly, familiarly, nearly, privately, without reserve and off-the-record.

What’s the definition of indiscernible?

: incapable of being discerned : not recognizable as distinct.

What is the root of unintelligible?

unintelligible (adj.)

1610s, “incapable of being understood,” from un- (1) “not” + intelligible.

What do you call someone you can’t understand?

+1 for “obtuse“. I have heard this used most often in the phrase “deliberately obtuse” – to describe a person who intentionally “fails to understand” in order to make a point or belittle an argument.

What is it called when you can’t comprehend?

A person with aphasia may have trouble understanding, speaking, reading, or writing. Speech-language pathologists can help.

What is non negligible?

adj so small, unimportant, etc., as to be not worth considering; insignificant.

How do you use unintelligible?

not clearly understood or expressed.

  1. Unintelligible legislation is the negation of the rule of law and of parliamentary democracy.
  2. His script was unintelligible.
  3. Dolphin sounds are unintelligible to humans.
  4. She turned away and muttered something unintelligible.

What is the correct meaning of jargon?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : the technical terminology or characteristic idiom of a special activity or group sports jargon. 2 : obscure and often pretentious language marked by circumlocutions and long words an academic essay filled with jargon.

What is a synonym for not understanding?

To not understand, or to misunderstand – thesaurus

  • misunderstand. verb. to not understand someone or something correctly.
  • mistake. verb. …
  • misinterpret. verb. …
  • be unclear about/as to something. phrase. …
  • not have a clue. phrase. …
  • have no conception of something. phrase. …
  • lose your grip (on something) phrase. …
  • miss the point. phrase.

What is a word for not understanding?

1 ignorance, incomprehension, insensitivity, misapprehension, misunderstanding, obtuseness. 3 aloofness, coldness, disagreement, dispute. adj inconsiderate, insensitive, intolerant, obtuse, rigid, strict, unfeeling, unsympathetic.

What does it mean when something is benign?

Benign refers to a condition, tumor, or growth that is not cancerous. This means that it does not spread to other parts of the body. It does not invade nearby tissue. Sometimes, a condition is called benign to suggest it is not dangerous or serious.

What is non English?

One who does not speak English. non-native speaker. foreign language speaker. speaker of English as a foreign language.

Is indiscernible an adjective?

INDISCERNIBLE (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is the synonym of inform?

Frequently Asked Questions About inform

Some common synonyms of inform are acquaint, apprise, and notify. While all these words mean “to make one aware of something,” inform implies the imparting of knowledge especially of facts or occurrences.

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