What Does OMB Stand For OMB Bloodbath?

She’s been rapping since she was 9 years old, and Bloodbath, whose real name is Alexandra Nicks, is no overnight success.

Is OMB Bloodbath a girl or boy?

Alexandra Nicks, also known as OMB Bloodbath, is a Houston rapper. She’s now accused of leading two gangs.

What did OMB Bloodbath go to jail for?

But after getting out of jail for burglary charges in 2014, the fire under Blood’s feet was burning hotter than ever before; her priorities in a new place following the crucial perspective shift.

What does OMB peezy stand for?

OMB Peezy moved from Mobile, Alabama, to Sacramento at the age of 12. At 20, he is already being dubbed by The FADER as “the future of rap.” OMB Peezy (OMB stands for “only my brothers”) built a name for himself early in his young career as a masterful freestyler, attaining exposure to a large audience via YouTube.

What happened with Lil loaded?

How did Lil Loaded die? It has been alleged that Lil Loaded died by suicide, although as of this day, there has been no concrete evidence from the local coroner’s office. Before his death, he shared an Instagram story on his official handle. He apologised to god for his bad behaviour over the years.

How old is Icewear vezzo?

Rapper Icewear Vezzo announced signing with Motown Records on his birthday, October 31, on Instagram. The 29-year-old is the first Detroit native signed to the label since it has found its groove in hip-hop over the last few years.