What Does Promulgate Mean In Politics?

To repromulgate is to effectively extend the life of an ordinance and lead to the usurpation of legislative power by the executive.

What is the another word for promulgate?

Some common synonyms of promulgate are announce, declare, and proclaim. While all these words mean “to make known publicly,” promulgate implies the proclaiming of a dogma, doctrine, or law.

How do you use the word promulgate?

Promulgate in a Sentence ?

  1. The purpose of the documentary is to promulgate the importance of raising funds for additional cancer research.
  2. Because the minister wants to promulgate his religious beliefs, he is producing a television show that will air next year.

What is the best definition of promulgate?

Like its synonyms declare, announce, and proclaim, promulgate means to make known publicly. It particularly implies the proclaiming of a dogma, doctrine, or law.

What does promulgate mean in law?

To declare or announce publically or to proclaim. Especially with regard to laws or regulations, to put into force or effect. CIVICS. government.

What does Obstrude mean?

1 : to thrust out : extrude. 2 : to force or impose (oneself, one’s ideas, etc.) without warrant or request. intransitive verb. : to become unduly prominent or interfering : intrude.

What is difference between promulgation and propagation?

As verbs the difference between propagate and promulgate

is that propagate is to cause to continue or multiply by generation, or successive production; — applied to animals and plants; as, to propagate a breed of horses or sheep; to propagate a species of fruit tree while promulgate is to make known or public.

What is promulgate in Tagalog?

Translation for word Promulgate in Tagalog is : magpalaganap.

What is a promulgation date?

Promulgation Date means the date upon which the initial standards and regulations for marine sanitation devices are promulgated by an appropriate federal agency in accordance with Section 312 of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, as amended (33 U.S.C. Sec. 1322).

What is the literal definition of egregious?

1 : conspicuous especially : conspicuously bad : flagrant egregious errors egregious padding of the evidence — Christopher Hitchens.

What does discretion mean?

2 : the quality of having or showing discernment or good judgment : the quality of being discreet : circumspection especially : cautious reserve in speech. 3 : ability to make responsible decisions. 4 : the result of separating or distinguishing.

What is promulgation of Judgement?

Promulgation of judgment. — The judgment is promulgated by reading the judgment or sentence in the presence of the defendant and the judge of the court who has rendered it. … This is followed by a more specific mandate that the defendant must be personally present in case of conviction for a light offense.

What is the meaning of usurpations?

: to seize or exercise authority or possession wrongfully. Other Words from usurp. usurpation ˌyü-​sər-​ˈpā-​shən, -​zər-​ noun.

What is the difference between propagation and proliferation?

As nouns the difference between propagation and proliferation. is that propagation is the multiplication or natural increase in a population while proliferation is (uncountable) the process by which an organism produces others of its kind; breeding, propagation, procreation, reproduction.

What is plant propagation?

Plant propagation is the process by which new plants grow from a variety of sources: seeds, cuttings, and other plant parts. Plant propagation can also refer to the man-made or natural dispersal of seeds. Propagation typically occurs as a step in the overall cycle of plant growth.

What is a protuberant mean?

: thrusting out from a surrounding or adjacent surface often as a rounded mass : prominent protuberant eyes.

What does it mean to be called obtuse?

Obtuse, which comes to us from the Latin word obtusus, meaning “dull” or “blunt,” can describe an angle that is not acute or a person who is mentally “dull” or slow of mind. The word has also developed a somewhat controversial sense of “hard to comprehend,” probably as a result of confusion with abstruse.

What does offend mean?

1 : to hurt the feelings of or insult She uses language that offends people. 2 : to do wrong Is the released prisoner likely to offend again? offend. intransitive verb.

What is correct guide word?

Guide-word meaning

The definition of a guide word is a word printed at the top of a page indicating the first or last word entry on that page. An example of guide word is the word “hesitate” printed on a page in a dictionary with the word “hesitate” listed as the first word on the page. noun. 104. 69.

What does act stand for in law?

ACT, legislation. A statute or law made by a legislative body; as an act of congress is a law by the congress of the United States; an act of assembly is a law made by a legislative assembly.

Is the meaning of enforceable?

(of a law or rule) possible to make people obey, or possible to make happen or be accepted: The guidelines are legally enforceable. We need enforceable environmental and safety laws.

What is meant by extricated?

transitive verb. 1 : to free or remove from an entanglement or difficulty. 2a : to distinguish from a related thing.