What Does The Name Padraic Mean?

In Irish Baby Names the meaning of the name Padraic is: Patrician; noble. Form of Patrick.

What is Irish for Sarah?

SORCHA, genitive idem (the same), Sorcha, (Sarah, Sally); an old Irish name, signifying ‘clear’ or ‘bright’; still in use, but now always anglicised Sarah or Sally.

What is the rarest Irish girl name?

Top 10 unusual Irish girl names

  • Sadb/Sadhbh. In late medieval Ireland, this unusual girls name once held the title of the second-most-popular in the land. …
  • Líadan. Meaning ‘grey lady’, this name is pronounced ‘Lee-uh-din’. …
  • Caireann. …
  • Sheelin. …
  • Cliodhna. …
  • Etain. …
  • Ailbhe. …
  • Doireann.

How do you pronounce Caoimhe?

Caoimhe. A fairly common feminine name in Ireland, Caoimhe is pronounced kee-va and comes from the Irish caomh, meaning dear or noble. It originates from the same root as the masculine name Caoimhín (pronounced kee-veen).

How is the name Aoife pronounced?

Aoife is pronounced EE-fa. Caoimhe is pronounced KEE-va or KWEE-va. Ciara is pronounced KEE-ar-a or KEE-ra.

How do I pronounce the name Tadhg?

Tadhg – pronounced Tige, like Tiger but without the ‘r’. Cillian – pronounced KIL-ee-an.

What is podge short for?

podge in British English

(pɒdʒ ) or especially US pudge (pʌdʒ ) informal. a short chubby person.

Is Podrick a name?

The name Podrick is a boy’s name. … Most of the names George R.R. Martin invented for his book series A Song of Ice and Fire are light tweaks of existing English names, and this is no exception, being one stroke away from Rodrick.

How do you spell Michael in Irish?

Micheal is a masculine given name. It is sometimes an anglicized form of the Irish names Micheál, Mícheál and Michéal; or the Scottish Gaelic name Mìcheil. It is also a spelling variant of the common masculine given name Michael, and is sometimes considered erroneous.

Is Patrick an Irish name?

Scottish and Irish: reduced Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Phádraig ‘son of Patrick‘, a personal name derived from Latin Patricius ‘son of a noble father’, ‘member of the patrician class’.

How do you spell Patrick in Gaelic?

Patrick in Irish is Pádraig.

What does Patrick mean in Irish?

Irish. From the Latin patricius, meaning “nobleman“, “of noble origin” or “patrician”. Patrick is also the patron saint of Ireland.

How do the Irish pronounce Radha?


  1. Pronounced: ‘row-a’
  2. Meaning: ‘a vision’

What is the Irish name for love?

Agra stems ultimately from the Irish Gaelic grādh, which means “love” and is a distant cousin of the Latin word gratus, which means “beloved” or “dear.” Agra is one of our older “sweetheart” words, dating back to 1645, and a linguistic reminder that Ireland was a crossroads of sorts for much of its history.

What is Irish for a girl?

Girl in Irish is Cailín.

What are the top 10 prettiest girl names?

Top Baby Girl Names

  • Olivia.
  • Emma.
  • Ava.
  • Charlotte.
  • Sophia.
  • Amelia.
  • Isabella.
  • Mia.

Is Micheal a correct spelling?

Mícheál is actually the Irish form of Michael while Mìcheal is the Scottish equivalent. In the Gaelic tongue, the “ae” is flipped to “ea” and is pronounced MEE-haul or MEE-hale. As it turns out, Micheal is a correct spelling of the name!

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