What Does Wolters Kluwer Health Do?

Wolters Kluwer provides trusted clinical technology and evidence-based solutions that engage clinicians, patients, researchers, students, and the next generation of healthcare providers.

Is Wolters Kluwer Health peer reviewed?

Wolters Kluwer open access publishing offers authors, institutions, research funding agencies, and others high-quality publishing services including: … Global distribution of freely available, quality open access research on our journal platform. Rigorous peer review.

Is Wolters Kluwer part of Elsevier?

LONDON — Reed Elsevier PLC, racing to build the world’s largest electronic information pool, agreed to acquire Dutch publishing giant Wolters Kluwer NV for about $8.77 billion in stock.

Who is the publisher of Lippincott?

Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (LWW) is an American imprint of the publishing conglomerate Wolters Kluwer.

What is Journal LWW?

Medicine is an open access peer-reviewed medical journal published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, an imprint of Wolters Kluwer. … The journal covers all aspects of clinical medicine and publishes in over 43 specialty subjects.

What is Lippincott Nursing Center?

Created by nurses, for nurses, Lippincott® NursingCenter®, from Wolters Kluwer Health, is the premier destination site for your clinical and professional informational needs. We are committed to providing credible, current, authoritative, evidence-based resources to help you in your practice.

Who is the CEO of Wolters Kluwer?

Nancy McKinstry (United States, 1959) is Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Executive Board of Wolters Kluwer since September 1, 2003, and Member of the Executive Board since June 1, 2001.

What does it mean to be juried by peers?

Peer reviewed, refereed and juried journals — these words all mean the same thing when we talk about journals. They are scholarly journals in which the scholarship of each article has been reviewed by experts in the same field and found acceptable, before the article is published in the journal. 2.

Where is Kluwer Academic Publishers located?

Kluwer Academic Publishers (KAP) is the scientific publishing division of Wolters Kluwer, a leading international publishing group with companies in 26 countries and corporate offices in Amsterdam.

How do I find an indexed PubMed Journal?

PubMed Central (PMC)

  1. Type the journal title on the search box below “Search for journals” and click on the search button.
  2. On the search result page, the indexed journal shows “Full” in the “Participation level” column.

What does CT Corp do?

What does CT Corporation do? CT Corporation is in the business of corporate compliance and provides a wide array of solutions for businesses. Services include registered agent services, annual report solutions, UCC services, legal entity management, and a range of software tools.

Does Wolters Kluwer own CCH?

Wolters Kluwer bought the company in 1995. Today, the company is also recognized for its software and integrated workflow tools. CCH operates on a global scale and includes operations in the United States, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Canada.

Is Wolters Kluwer a good company to work for?

It’s a good company to work with. They have a good culture and work life balance. I have worked with the company for 5 yrs I got good learning exp. And growth.

Is Wolters Kluwer a product company?

Wolters Kluwer – Product based company being managed worse than a service based company | Glassdoor.

Is Wolters Kluwer legit?

On average, employees at Wolters Kluwer give their company a 3.8 rating out of 5.0 – which is 3% lower than the average rating for all companies on CareerBliss. The happiest Wolters Kluwer employees are Account Representatives submitting an average rating of 4.3 and Software Engineers with a rating of 3.7.

Who are Wolters Kluwer competitors?

Wolters Kluwer competitors include Elsevier, Thomson Reuters, Oracle and Totango.

Is CT Corp the same as CSC?

1. The Corporation Trust Company, or “CT” as it is usually called in law offices, is by far the largest company. … The Corporation Service Company or “CSC” is also an extremely large company that has a number of related subsidiary companies to service their clients.

What do registered agents do?

A registered agent is simply a person or entity appointed to accept service of process and official mail on your business’ behalf. You can appoint yourself, or in many states, you can appoint your business to be its own registered agent.

Does Lippincott have an app?

Now you can access Lippincott Procedures current clinical information—including custom content specific to your facility—quickly and easily on your tablet or phone. … The Lippincott Procedures app ensures that your staff will always quickly and easily find the step-by-step procedure instructions that they rely on today.

What is the latest edition of Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice?

A classic nursing reference, the fully updated Lippincott Manual for Nursing Practice, 11th Edition , offers expert nursing knowledge and much-needed practical guidance on patient care.

How do I access Lippincott advisor?

Access anytime, anywhere!

Lippincott Advisor can be accessed directly (krs.ahs.ca/advisor) or through the link on our homepage. For easy access, we encourage you to bookmark this site in your web browser, create a desktop shortcut, or download the free app.