What Front Dana 44 Will Fit A TJ?

In 2003, the highly anticipated Jeep Wrangler Rubicon rolled onto the scene with Dana 44 axles equipped with selectable air lockers.

Are TJ and YJ axles the same?

Identifying the axles in YJs is pretty simple since there were no options for it. Every YJ came with a Dana 30 up front and a Dana 35 in the rear. TJ Wranglers will have either a Dana 30 in the front and a Dana 35 in the rear unless you have a Rubicon model. In which case you’ll have 44s front and back.

Will a JK Dana 44 fit in a TJ?

-JK axles are 65.5″ WMS, TJ axles are 60.5″ so if you plan on running a JK front and TJ rear then it wont work. Not even spacers will get you close to the desired rear width. -JK axle uses a pinion flange instead of a yoke. That will need to be swapped over.

What axles are in my Jeep TJ Sahara?

TJs come with a Dana 30 or a Dana 44 in the front and either a Dana 35 or a Dana 44 in the rear. Typically the Sport and Sahara models include the Dana 30-Front/Dana 35-Rear.

Is the Dana m210 the same as a Dana 44?

They’re both the “same”.

Are all Dana 44 diff covers the same?

Re: Are the diff covers for all Dana 44’s the same? Also true, but they are entirely interchangeable. You can review the site’s rules here.

Are all Dana 44 rear axles the same?

Not all 44s are equal. The Dana 44 has been manufactured for nearly 70 years, and was original equipment under Jeep, Ford, GM, Dodge, International Harvester and Studebaker vehicles, and even the Isuzu Rodeo and Honda Passport. And almost every one of these had some unique, funky specification just for that model.

Does a JK ride better than a TJ?

When it comes to articulation, the JKU (4-door) has a definite advantage. This is because its way larger wheel-base when compared to the TJ. As I’m sure to you know longer wheel base allows you to articulate on larger obstacles. But, the standard JK has a slight advantage due to its wider axles.

What does TJ mean for Jeep?

TJ stands for “True Jeep“.

Do I have a TJ or JK Jeep?

Overall, the simplest way to tell a JK apart is by the sheer road space it occupies. If you still aren’t sure, then take look at the turn signals – on the JK, the turn signals are on the side, as opposed to the TJ Wrangler’s, which are forward-facing.

Are JK axles wider than TJ?

This is because the JK axlehousing is 5 inches wider than the TJ housing.

Will Dana 44 Knuckles fit a Dana 30?

Yes the Dana 44 knuckles will fit the Dana 30. One thing you have to consider though is how the brake calipers will mount. If your Dana 30 calipers mount to the knuckles with the two bolt stands you’ll have to figure out a way to mount them with the 44 knuckles.

What’s the difference between a Dana 30 and Dana 44?

The only difference between the JK Dana 30 and Dana 44 is ring gear size, electronic locker, and bigger shafts. … You’re better off just starting with an aftermarket Dana 44 that is a “true 44”.

Are front and rear differential covers the same?

Four-wheel-drive vehicles have a front diff along with the rear diff. The differential gears have a cover, typically stamped steel, over them. Some vehicles have a drain plug in the bottom of the axle and a fill plug in the cover. Other vehicles may require removing and reinstalling the cover to perform an oil service.

What is M220 axle?

The M220 is the axle that comes with non-Rubicon Wranglers that are equipped with the limited-slip differential (LSD) option from the factory.

Is a M186 a Dana 30?

If you have a Sport or Sahara Model Jeep JL or JT Gladiator you have a M186 front axle assembly in your Jeep. Some out there are calling this axle a Dana 30 but that is not correct. … The M186 front axle assembly needs a few upgrades and Motobilt has you covered.

What does Dana 44 axle mean?

The Dana/Spicer Model 44 is an automotive axle manufactured by Dana Holding Corporation and is used extensively among automobile manufacturers and in the automotive aftermarket area as well. … The Dana 44 has been manufactured as a beam axle and independent suspension for both front and rear axle setups.

Are all JK axles interchangeable?

Registered. JK axles won’t swap into a TJ/LJ, they aren’t even the same width. LJs are basically the same as TJs but more wheelbase. Axles and suspension are exactly the same.

What axles does my Jeep JK have?

All four-door JK Wrangler original owners do have Dana 44s under the rear end. Currently, if you have purchased the new JL Wrangler, you have Dana 30 front and Dana 35 rear axles, unless you specifically bought one with upgraded Dana 44s. All Rubicon JL owners have a Dana 44 front and rear axle.

What is a Dana 489?

Dana 489 Rear Bolt In TJ Jeep Wrangler Axle Assembly. Semi-Float with Dual Bolt Pattern: 5×4.5 and 5×5.5. Base Axle Includes: New Dana 44 Casting Bracketed with TJ Heavy Duty Brackets (100% USA Made) Semi-Float Set 10 Housing Ends (USA Made) (Roller Tapered Bearings) Welded on to Accept Stock TJ Disc or Drum Brakes.

How wide is a JK axle?

This assembled axle is the stock JK width (65.5 inches), comes with a 35-spline ARB Air Locker and 5.38:1 gears.