What Happened To Ronnie’s Dad?

Arturo Santiago (voiced by Eugenio Derbez) is Bobby and Ronnie Anne’s father who works as a doctor at Physicians with Missions who have their headquarters in Great Lakes City. He is currently operating in Peru where he helped to build a hospital.

Does Lincoln have a crush on Ronnie Anne?

Ronnie Anne is Lincoln’s other best friend and one of his love interests. He was initially bothered by her bullying him in “Heavy Meddle”, but after she sends a note apologizing to him, Lincoln begins to see that she may not be such a bad person after all.

Is Ronnie Anne Lincolns girlfriend?

In “The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos”, Ronnie Anne and Bobby are visiting their extended family in the city. Lori, and later Ronnie’s aunt Frida, insists on referring to Ronnie as Lincoln’s “girlfriend,” which the two vehemently decline.

Who is Lincoln Loud’s girlfriend?

Stella Zhau is the current love interest of Lincoln Loud from The Loud House. She was first seen on the bus, when Lincoln tries to make a good impression of her as he tries to sit next to her on the bus.

How old is Ronnie Anne from the loud house?

Ronalda “Ronnie” Anne Santiago (voiced by Breanna Yde in S1E15B-S3E21, Izabella Alvarez in S4E1-present) is the 11-year-old (12-year-old season 5 onward) sister of Bobby who is Lincoln’s friend and former classmate. She’s a tomboy who is very tough and enjoys skateboarding, playing video games, and pranks.

Is Lucy loud adopted?

A lot of people have said that Lincoln is,but Lucy has much more to contrast with the family. … There are other things Lucy has to contrast with the rest of the family,as a result,Lucy is adopted,not Lincoln.

Who is Lincoln’s crush?

Ronnie Anne is Lincoln’s crush in multiple episodes.

Who is Ronnie Anne’s boyfriend?

This is the story of Ronnie Anne meets a new boy that he looks like Lincoln. His name is Frankie Ramirez, he’s also a Tomboy like her.

Does CJ from the Casagrandes have autism?

He is the first character in the show to have a developmental disability. His bio in “Live Life Loud!” reveals that he has Down syndrome and that the reason he wears a bow tie is because he always asks to wear it.

How old is Carl Casagrande?

Always suave, Carl is 8 years old but thinks he’s the man of the house. Carlitos is 1 and silly and playful. He loves mimicking everyone around him! ” (English).

What state does Ronnie Anne live in?

Midway through The Loud House’s second season, in the episode “The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos”, Ronnie Anne, along with Bobby and their mother, Maria, moved out of Royal Woods to live with their extended family in Great Lakes City, setting up The Casagrandes.

Why did Lincoln kiss Ronnie Anne?

Lincoln kisses Ronnie Anne when he believes his sisters that the only reason she was picking on him was because she liked him. This happens off-screen. Lincoln films Lucy flirting with her vampire bust Edwin, which she kisses and gets its wax lips over hers.

Why does Luna loud like Sam?

In “L is for Love”, all her siblings accompanied Luna as moral support in meeting her love interest, Sam. … After hearing her parents’ story of how they met, she felt inspired to express her feelings towards Sam, and encourages her siblings to do the same.

Why is Lincoln Loud’s hair white?

So, what Chris had to Was erase Lincoln’s bunny ears, Bunny nose, and tail. He decided to leave Lincoln’s hair as a resemble to Lincoln’s bunny form. … Lincolns white hair is a resemble to Lincoln’s original bunny form of what he was originally gonna look like if the show was about Lincoln as a bunny with 26 sisters.

What is Lisa Loud IQ?

On road trips, she likes to recite potential dangers. Loud noises can give her tinnitus. She claims her IQ is 180.

Is Lucy loud depressed?

Despite her depressed and cold attitude, she looks to enjoy being with her siblings, and sometimes departs from darkness to have fun with them. In “A Grave Mistake”, Lucy was revealed to be determined and never gives up as she wanted to become the president of Morticians Club.

Who is older Lola or Lana?

According to a tweet from the show’s writers, Lana is the older twin. In the episode “Ties That Bind”, it is revealed that Lana is older than Lola by two minutes.

Who is the most popular Loud house character?

My Own Top 20 Favorite Loud House Characters

  1. Luna Loud.
  2. Lana Loud.
  3. Lynn Loud.
  4. Ronnie Anne Santiago.
  5. Sid Chang.
  6. Sam Sharp.
  7. Margo Roberts.
  8. Paula.

How old is Lily Loud?

At 2-years-old (15-months-old before Season 5), Lily is the youngest of the Loud siblings.

Is Clyde adopted?

Clyde McBride is Lincoln’s best friend and former classmate who is one of the main characters on The Loud House. He is a nerdy, intelligent African-American boy who is the adopted only child of same-gender couple, Howard and Harold McBride.

What was Lola Loud’s secret?

Lola breaks the fourth wall at the end of the episode by telling the viewers that the reason why she’s revealing her siblings’ secrets to her dolls is because they’re not alive. Lola’s secret, which is discovered by Lincoln and used against her, is never revealed in this episode.