What Is A Slotter?

Slotter machine is defined as a machine tool uses for removing unwanted material chips from the workpiece to make splines, grooves and more. Here the Ram (Tool attached) moves reciprocating, whereas In shaper the ram moves horizontally.

What is difference between shaper and planing?

The basic and main difference between shaper and planer is that in shaper machine work piece is fixed at the table and tool is in reciprocating motion which rub the work piece and cut unwanted metal. … But in planer machine tool is act like as stationary body and work piece move over it.

What is a shaper and planer?

Planer. 1. In a shaper machine work is held stationary and the cutting tool on the ram is moved back and forth across the work. In a planar machine, the tool is stationary and work piece travels back and forth under the tool.

What are shaping and planing machines?

Shaping is one machining operation where workpiece is held stationary while cutting tool (ram) is reciprocated across the work. … Planing operation is performed in a machine tool called Planer (also called planing machine). Here quick-return mechanism is integrated with the ram that holds the cutter.

What is the function of Slotter machine?

Slotting machine is used for cutting grooves, keys and slotes of various shapes making regular and irregular surfaces both internal and external cutting internal and external gears and profiles. Slotter machine can be used on any type of work where vertical tool movement is considered essential and advantageous.

What is shaper machine?

The shaper machine is a reciprocating type of machine basically used for producing the horizontal, vertical or flat surfaces. The shaper holds the single point cutting tool in ram and workpiece is fixed in the table. … During the return stroke, No metal is cutting.

What is the principle of Slotter?

A slotter machine is a machine tool that works on the principle of a quick return mechanism to cut metals from a workpiece. It cuts metals only in the forward stroke only.

What are the different Slotter operations?

Slotter Machine Operations. Machining cylindrical surface. Flat surface Machining. Machining irregular surface and cam machining.

What is the working principle of shaper machine?

Working Principle of the Shaper Machine

In a standard shaper, cutting takes place during the forward stroke of the ram and the backward stroke remains idle. The forward and backward motion is obtained by “Quick Return Mechanism”. The depth of the cut is adjusted by moving the tool downwards towards the work piece.

Which stroke is idle in shaper?

Which stroke is idle stroke in shaper? Explanation: Return stroke is idle stroke in shaper because no useful work is done in this stroke. 9.

Which type of mechanism is used in shaper machine?

Hydraulic drive mechanism is one of the mechanism used in shaper machine. In this mechanism, the ram is moved forward and backward by a piston moving in a cylinder placed under the ram.

Who invented Slotter machine?

A slotter machine is one the oldest machine tool that exist, which was invented for BRUNEL. It is much similar to the vertical shaper machines as the ram carrying the slotting tool reciprocates in a vertical guide-way of the machine. This machine can produce flat and contour surfaces, slots and internal grooves.

Which machine tool is known as the mother machine tool?

Known as the mother of all machine tools, the lathe was the first machine tool that lead to the invention of other machine tools. It is used to perform turning operations in which unwanted material is removed from a workpiece rotated against a cutting tool.

What are the types of shaping machine?

Types of Shaper Machines

  • Based on the type of driving mechanism. Crank type shaper. Geared type shaper. Hydraulic type shaper.
  • Based on ram travel. Horizontal shaper. Vertical shaper.
  • Based on the table design. Standard shaper. Universal shaper.
  • Based on cutting stroke. Push cut type. Draw cut type.

What is the meaning of shaper?

noun. a person or thing that shapes. a machine tool for forming flat surfaces, consisting of a frame, usually horizontal, on which the work is held while a cutting tool moves along it with a reciprocating motion.

What are the types of shaper?

Shaper and Types of Shaper

  • Shaper and its types. A shaper is machine used for producing flat surfaces on the given work piece. …
  • Types of shapers. Shapers are classified according to various aspects. …
  • Crank type shaper. …
  • Gear type shaper. …
  • Hydraulic type shaper. …
  • Horizontal shaper. …
  • Vertical shaper. …
  • Travelling head type shaper.

Which angle is provided in Slotter tool?

The clearance angle (COG in Figure 17-10) should be 4° or 5°, and the rake angle (BOF in Figure 17-10) should be 10° or 12°. When the cutting tool is clamped to the end of the ram in a horizontal position, the clearance and rake angles are measured in the same manner as for planer tools.

Which of the following is used to obtain rotary movement of Slotter?

Worm and worm wheel mechanism mechanisms is used to obtain rotary movement of slotter table.

Which movement of RAM in shaper machine is called stroke?

Explanation: Back and forth movement of ram is called stroke, but only in forward stroke useful work is done.

What is a shaping operation?

 Shaping, planning and slotting can be defined as the. process of removing metal from a surface in horizontal, vertical and inclined position to produce a flat or plane surface, slots and grooves by means of a relative reciprocating motion between the tool and work piece.

What are the shaping process?

Shaping is a systematic process of reinforcing successive approximations to a target behavior. … A teacher identifies the student’s behavior and provides reinforcement only for closer approximations toward the desired behavior, which is a terminal behavior of the shaping process.

What is shaper mechanism?

In a shaper, the rotary movement of the drive is converted into the reciprocating movement. It is done by the mechanism contained within the column of the machine. … In a standard shaper, metal is cut in the forward cutting stroke, while the return stroke goes idle and no metal is cut during this period.

What is hydraulic shaper machine?

Shaping machine uses a single-point cutting tool. This tool makes a reciprocating motion on the workpiece. In half reciprocating stroke the tool cuts the metal and in the second half, the tool returns to the original positions. … This machine is called a hydraulic shaping machine.

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