What Is Bea Alonzo’s Real Name?

Alonzo was born on October 17, 1987 in the Philippines. Her father is British, and her mother is Filipina. Her parents are separated.

How much does Bea Alonzo earn?

Google “Bea Alonzo net worth” and various articles claiming her estimated net worth to be around USD6 million (or PHP299 million based on the current exchange rate) appears at the top of the search list. A few even say it’s as high as USD180 million (or PHP8.9 billion).

Is Bea and Shaina still friends?

Shaina was known to be a longtime friend of Bea but they reportedly had a misunderstanding back in 2010 allegedly because of John Lloyd Cruz. Bea later clarified that the actor was not involved in the rift. … When asked about her reaction to the issue involving her friends, she chose to remain mum.

Who is Bea’s boyfriend?

Bea Alonzo considers boyfriend Dominic Roque ‘husband material’

How is Beth Tamayo related to Dominic Roque?

For those who don’t know yet, Zeny Tamayo is the mother of actress Beth Tamayo, who is the aunt of Dominic.

Is Dominic Roque brother of Beth Tamayo?

Roque was born and raised in the province of Cavite, Philippines. He is the son of a businessman and a company president. He is also a nephew of actress Beth Tamayo.

Is Zanjoe Marudo Japanese?

Zanjoe Acuesta Marudo (born July 23, 1982) is a Filipino actor and model.

Why Shaina and Bea are no longer friends?

They were close but called it quits because of the actor John Lloyd Cruz when Bea was romantically linked to Shaina’s former boyfriend. They are the two of the pilot casts of kiddie gag show “Goin’ Bulilit” but accordingly grew apart due to Kathryn’s popularity.

Who is Gerald Anderson currently dating?

Gerald Anderson with his girlfriend, actress Julia Barretto. Their relationship may have gotten off to a controversial start, but Gerald Anderson says Julia Barretto is “the one” and that he would marry her if it were only up to him.

Who is Bea Alonzo best friend?

Fans were left to speculate after Bea Alonzo’s best friend, actor Janus del Prado, posted a series of cryptic messages on Monday (August 23).

What does BLK mean in BLK cosmetics?

PHOTO: YouTube/blk cosmetics ph. Anne Curtis’ latest baby, BLK Cosmetics, stands for “black,” the actress’ favorite color. According to her, it represents the essence of her makeup brand: Classic, timeless, simple, and uncomplicated.

Did Anne Curtis finish college?

Anne Curtis

Just like Bea, Anne Curtis has opened up about how not finishing college became her biggest insecurity. In 2018, Anne looked back at her days studying to be a preschool teacher at an open university in Australia, adding how she was sad she didn’t finish.

Is Dominic Roque dating Bea Alonzo?

During an August 2021 interview with PEP, Bea shared that she and Dominic officially became a couple this year: “Few months lang talaga kami naging official, but we have been dating.