What Is Carson Kressley Doing Now?

FOR THE RECORD – (Published Wednesday, February 23, 2005) Television personality Carson Kressley’s parents were incorrectly identified in an article Monday. Their names are Willard and Barbara Kressley.

Who is Carson Kressley family?

Carson Kressley: Family

Born to Willard and Barbara Kressley on November 11, 1969, in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Carson Kressley was raised with his sister Diana and brother Brian W. Kressley in the unincorporated community of Orefield.

Is Carson Kressley an equestrian?

Carson, riding on his farm in Pennsylvania, has earned many world titles in the Saddlebred and Friesian worlds. … Throughout his life, he’s balanced his bustling career with riding, driving, showing and now raising and developing Saddlebreds.

Are Carson and Thom a couple?

no, we have never been romantically involved. We’re pretty good finding dates for one another.” Both guys are currently single and helping each other find the right fellas for one another. “We’re actually wingmen for each other,” Thom said.

Who did Carson Kressley pick?

In the dating game show where they had to choose from three eligible matches each, Iggy Azalea chose to go with Shaughn Adamski, while Carson Kressley chose Chuck Stanley.

Where in Pennsylvania is Carson Kressley’s farm?

When it comes to the décor of his own homes, Carson’s love of horses is reflected in a style he characterizes as “equestrian theme park.” We visited his farm in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley to see how his unique aesthetic translates to country living.

Who is the celebrity Carson?

Carson Lee Kressley (born November 11, 1969) is a television personality and a self-proclaimed fashion savant. He has served as a regular judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race since Season 7, as he was hired with Ross Mathews to feature on rotation every other episode.

What restaurant does Antoni own?

Porowski recently is a co-owner of The Village Den, a restaurant in New York’s West Village, giving him insight into restaurant owners’ struggle to survive amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Who is Antonis boyfriend?

Who is Antoni Porowski’s boyfriend? Antoni is currently in a relationship with Kevin Harrington, a strategic planner from New York who works at ad agency Johannes Leonardo. They’ve been dating since October 2019 after sliding into each other’s DMs on Instagram.

Is the restaurant from Queer Eye still open?

The 50-seat dining room, closed now by city order, has a mural by Cesar Viveros and Melanie Nava featuring the Queer Eye stars topped with neon words reading “a todo lo que hagas pon le corazon” (“put your heart into everything you do”).

What is Blondie worth?

As of 2021, Supercar Blondie’s net worth is estimated to be US$17 million. Not bad for a car-loving girl living out her fantasies.